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Ally Kanzleiter, Relationship Manager

“Collect adventures, not things”

I was just 16 when I first packed my backpack and headed out for a solo-adventure overseas, the world being this big playground one can't wait to explore. 8 years later, I have now traveled 29 countries, visited 5 continents and am still heavily infected with travel fever, or as we say in German, "Wanderlust".

Growing up in the South of Germany, I have extensively traveled Europe and Northern Africa. My diploma in International Leisure Management has led me to live in the Netherlands and Arctic Norway where I worked as a tour guide and studied Arctic Adventure Tourism and Circumpolar Politics & Sustainability.

The Arctic holds a special place in my heart, never before have I experienced such fascinating wilderness. Waking up in your snow-cave, sipping fresh coffee brewed over the fire while watching reindeer passing by, the last traces of Northern lights over your head before morning light touches the horizon ... a truly magical destination.

Being able to share my love for Polar travel and working with travel enthusiasts all over the world on a daily basis here at Chimu is truly a dream come true!

Ally Kanzleiter, Relationship Manager

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