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Douglas White

“South America will always draw you back for more, my first taste of this amazing part of the world left me with stories of adventurous hikes, breathtaking views, local friendships and an open mind for whatever comes your way. I have been back a few times and still have so many reasons to go back.”

Latin America brings a million thoughts to my mind, all of which stir excitement and curiosity.

I have been lucky to have travelled to many different countries so far, all of which I have amazing stories of; however I find my most told and memorable are those from Latin America. From the moment you touch down, this amazing part of the world offers a fresh perspective to travel, each and every encounter with people, culture and nature that will stay with you forever. My first journey to Latin America was a 6 month trip that I started in Rio Brazil - straight away, the energy of Carnival, the street parties and the sun sinking away behind the Christ the Redeemer confirmed in me that this was the world of travel that I wanted to immerse myself in...

I have since travelled back and drifted through Chile and its breathtaking landscape, surfed the beaches of Uruguay, laughed and danced the night away in Argentina, enjoyed fresh acai on islands off Brazil, walked the salt flats in Bolivia, hiked to the magnificent site of Machu Picchu in Peru, touched the middle of the world in Ecuador, drank the finest coffee in Colombia, and sailed through the blue water islands of San Blas to Central America. 

I was fortunate to live the island life on Bocas Del Toro in Panama and witness the great Panama Canal - this is where a whole new journey began again through the tropics of Costa Rica and into the volcano cities of Nicaragua, toasting marshmallows over lava. 

I have now been fortunate to have travelled to the white continent we call Antarctica. This place is very special and took my breath away, the wildlife and amazing landscape still in my mind. A destination like nowhere I have travelled.

“It’s endless and worth every cent.”

Working for Chimu Adventures now allows me to share my love for these amazing destinations in building dream journeys.

Douglas White
QLD (Australia)

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