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Laura Sinay

"I grew up climbing the Sugar-Loaf, cycling to the Corcovado and surfing at Ipanema.  I have experienced more than 30 carnivals at Brazil and, having worked for about 20 years with ecotourism planning, I have profound knowledge about the country’s protected areas and indigenous cultures. So, if you want to experience places that only the locals know, I am here to help you!"

Yes, I am from Rio and I lived there most of my life; it was only three years ago that I moved to Australia. While I am from Rio, I have always been passionate about traveling, so I have seen most of the country: I have lived with indigenous people and navigated the Amazon River; I have been at the Pantanal looking for Jaguars while avoiding the alligators; I have visited the Iguazu falls and dived at Noronha. So, if your plans include Brazil, just let me know your dreams and I will help you make them come true!

Besides living in Brazil, I have also lived in the Galapagos for one year. I was there helping on developing a sustainable tourism strategy. This, of course, gave me plenty opportunities to visit all tourism destinations within the archipelago, including those that were opened to tourists and those that I had to evaluate whether should or not be visited on a regular basis. Since then Galapagos have become my favourite paradise! Whether you want to dive or just cruise, I can give you good hints of where to go.

While I never lived in Argentina, this is where my family is originally from. So, I have been visiting the country since I was very little. I have seen from the mountains of Cordoba, the wineries of Mendoza to the Glaciers of Patagonia. In

I have also visited most of the iconic tourism destinations of Latin America and would need ten pages just to list the places I have seen. From Machu Pichu to the pyramids of Mexico, from the Atacama Desert to the swamps of Pantanal, you name it and I tell you the special places for you to visit!

No need to ask, I fluently speak Portuguese, Spanish and English, and I will be more than happy to assist on any language you prefer. Just call or send an email and I will ensure your trip is better than you dreamt.

With all these experiences, I am looking forward to help you plan your dream trip!

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