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Liz Pacheco

"Do what your travel bug ask you, and go; remember it is not the days but the moments and the people that count!" 

My wanderlust started when I was a child, my parents used to take my brother and I on short trips during the weekends or bank Holidays. My dad used to wake us up very early by saying - “Let’s go”, - Let’s go where I answered, and he used to say - “To where our feet take us”. Since them, I knew I had to discover the world and to leave my travel prints. So, every time I travel I say “It’s not the days but the moments”, I try to discover the town as much as possible. And Peru was just the begging. Was first experience abroad was through a “Work and travel program” to the USA, I certainly took the time to travel around the country, and from that moment I set travel goals to myself. Since that, every year I do one travel abroad and at least 3 short travels in Peru.  My travel bug has taken me to travel to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and of course around my beloved Peru.

While I was in high-school I learned English and French, so by the time I had to choose a career at the university I knew it had to be related “working” with different cultures. By the time I got my ID I had my first legal job at an incoming Dutch tour operator, and I enjoyed so much my time there. Now, 10 years later, I certainly love my job, my duties and my role being part of the Chimu Adventures team. At Chimu, there are so many things to plan and to learn that we are always in action. You are very welcome to South America and specially to Peru. It’s not only the places but the people. 

Liz Pacheco

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