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Nick Macciocca

“My first impression of South America was at 2am on a Tuesday morning when I flew into Rio de Janeiro  – much quieter and less frantic than I imagined. Six hours later it was a different story! These people know how to live!”

I have travelled extensively throughout South America and there are too many great destinations to pick a favourite from, but the standouts would have to be Bahia during Carnaval, Roatan in Honduras for diving, Puerto Escondido in Mexico for Surf, and Iguazu Falls.

One of the things I love about Latin America is the food, my favorite dish is a tie between Acaraje  a spicy dish from the northeast of Brazil, Papusas from El Salvador, and a good steak in Argentina. I highly recommend Carretao Churrascaria here in Rio – one of my favourite places for a great traditional Brazilian bbq.

I love the Latin lifestyle so much I have moved here permanently and am currently in the process of fine tuning our operations in  Brazil to ensure our Chimu Adventures ethos is experienced every step of the way, that and discovering hidden gems that other operators don't know about.  Without someone constantly on the look out for new travel options, travellers are so quickly pigeon holed into mainstream properties and activities, that's what we try to avoid. 

What I personally like most about the Chimu way of travelling is the flexibility it gives the traveller to base their trip on their own desires, rather than having to compromise their plans to fit a rigid guided tour itinerary.

My best travel tip for Latin America? Slow down, because nobody is going to speed up to accommodate you!

I look forward to seeing you out here! 

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