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Congratulations on booking your expedition to Antarctica on board the Ocean Endeavour!

We are thrilled to have you join us on this incredible adventure. Here you will find more information on the additional details that we require from you, resources to assist you plan for your trip as well as some ideas on other destinations you might like to visit in South America either before or after your Antarctica cruise. At any time if you wish to discuss the details of your cruise or additional travel arrangements including flights, insurance, pre and post tour travel arrangements please contact your booking agent.





Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination 
Up to date, COVID-19 vaccination is a mandatory pre-embarkation requirement for all guests, staff, and crew on all Ocean Endeavour voyages. At the time of final payment, we will request a copy of your vaccination status. It is all guests' responsibility to ensure they have the correct vaccination status paperwork. Failure to produce the correct paperwork will result in being denied boarding. 

Additionally, we have implemented a range of COVID protocols to reflect the best management of health, safety and hygiene to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and crew onboard the Ocean Endeavour.

 The following measures will be in place for our upcoming 2022/23 season:
•    Pre-embarkation COVID testing for all guests, staff and crew 
•    The latest testing capabilities onboard the Ocean Endeavour, to test as required
•    Enhanced cleaning and sanitisation procedures in all cabins, public areas, crew areas, and ship's equipment

Please click here to view Travel Safe Strategy

 International Flights to meet your cruise
International flights to join your Antarctica cruise will be available for booking approximately 11 months prior to tour departure date. Please contact your booking agent to discuss flight options available for your travel arrangements. Please see below for some suggestions on pre and post cruise itinerary options in South America.

Embarkation in Ushuaia / Punta Arenas (Best of Antarctica 02 Nov 2022 and 02 Nov 2023)
Day 1 is an arrival day, and your itinerary includes one night hotel accommodation in your embarkation city. Please refer to your Confirmed Itinerary for more information. An arrival transfer from the airport to your hotel is included if you are arriving on Day 1. If you wish to add additional arrangements please discuss options with your booking agent.

Disembarkation in Ushuaia / Puerto Madryn
On the day of disembarkation we highly recommend that you book your flights to depart after 12 noon in case of delays caused by unfavourable weather conditions. Please be aware that we will not be held responsible for the late arrival of the ship from your voyage. A transfer to the airport is included on the disembarkation.

Fuel Surcharges
Please note that your cruise booking may be subject to fuel surcharges should world oil prices increase significantly prior to the time of your departure. Cruise operators do attempt to factor this price into your tour cost. However, unexpected rises in the cost of marine fuel can result in a fuel surcharge that will depend on the cost of oil per barrel and the individual ship operator. By booking a tour with us, you agree that this may be the case with your booking. You will be advised of any surcharge once we have been notified of the surcharges from the cruise operator if this situation arises.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is mandatory for all guests. Your Final Travel Documentation cannot be released until you have provided us with your travel insurance details. Travel insurance is one of the most important components of any trip, especially in Antarctica - the most remote and inhospitable place on Earth. It is vital that you have the most suitable insurance with adequate levels of cover.
The travel insurance policy you purchase should cover you for accidents, emergency evacuation, sickness (including COVID), loss of baggage and personal belongings, as well as disruption to travel plans. Because of the remoteness of Antarctica, medical attention and evacuations are extremely expensive, making insurance cover an absolute necessity, especially as you have invested large sums of money to travel there. We encourage you to take the highest level of cover, but require a minimum of USD250,000 coverage for medical expenses, evacuation (including ship to shore transfer), and/or emergency repatriation from Antarctica.
We advise purchasing travel insurance at the same time as booking, ensuring you are covered for cancellation and curtailment from the moment that you confirm your Antarctic voyage.
Travel insurance with COVID coverage may also be a mandatory requirement for countries visited. Please refer to the relevant embassy or consulate for the most up to date information.
There are many activities that can be undertaken in Antarctica. If you plan to participate in adventure options such as Kayaking, Day Paddle, Snowshoeing or Camping, please ensure your travel insurance specifically covers you for these activities. You need to ensure you know exactly what you are covered for and ensure that your policy covers this from the time you leave to arrive home.
Please refer to the attached Antarctica Travellers Guide for more information.

Provided Gear
You will be provided with a robust outer layer Expedition Jacket and rubber Muck boots on loan for use throughout your Antarctic expedition as well as an insulated Inner Jacket, yours to keep at the end of your voyage. We will request your sizing for your provided Expedition Gear approx 6 months prior to departure of your voyage and gear will be provided once on board the vessel. Please refer to the attached Antarctica Travellers Guide for more information.

Cruise Booking Conditions
By making the booking, you confirm that you have read and agreed to be bound by the Ocean Endeavour Cruise Booking Conditions. Please click to view.





International Maritime Regulations require that we create a detailed manifest for each expedition. To fulfill our obligation certain information is required for all passengers on board. Required forms will be made available to you approximately six months prior to departure and must be returned no later than 100 days prior to departure. Based on the information provided some passengers may be required to complete additional forms which will be indicated to you. You will be notified by your booking agent once these forms are available.





We are a member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) and comply by the organisation’s guidelines in promoting and practising safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic. IAATO, in cooperation with ship operators, has established extensive procedures and guidelines that ensure appropriate, safe and environmentally sound travel to the Antarctic.

In line with the Antarctic Treaty system, IAATO is committed to the principle that planned tourism activities will have no more than a minor or transitory impact on the Antarctic environment. Please familiarise yourself with the guidance documents provided here: 





A range of Adventure Options are available on the Ocean Endeavour at an additional cost. Available on selected voyages, subject to availability: 

•    Kayaking - all voyages: in the far-flung corners of the world is an experience guaranteed to refresh your soul. Paddling in small groups, you'll glide between ice floes, brash ice and icebergs dotted with wildlife. Previous sea kayaking experience is required. Pre-book via your booking agent.

•    Day Paddle - all voyages: Day Paddle excursions are a one-time experience and we will aim to take the participants out on the water for 1-2 hours of paddling. Wind, weather and water conditions determine the timing and location of our paddling excursions.

•    Snowshoeing - selected voyages: is a unique way to explore Antarctica. Snowshoeing makes walking up gentle slopes a breeze, allowing you to explore places others struggle to reach in boots alone. Book on board via the Expedition Team.

•    Camping - selected voyages: is an incredible opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of being in the Antarctic elements at night. Witness dramatic light changes and the clamour of scurrying penguins on a true outdoor adventure. Pre-book via your booking agent.

•    Photography Program - all voyages: take home the best memories you can by capturing and developing incredible images with our Antarctica Photography Workshops. This optional activity is perfect if you are passionate about photography, or just passionate about capturing the beautiful landscape and wildlife you will encounter on your incredible Antarctic adventure. Pre-book via your booking agent.
Please see below for more information. Please contact your booking agent for queries relating to prices and availability.





We have some additional resources to help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Antarctica, as well as some excellent itinerary ideas to explore South America pre or post your cruise. Please see below.


Photography Program

Take home the best memories you can by capturing and developing incredible images with our Antarctica Photography Workshops aboard the Ocean Endeavour.


Ice Camping in Antarctica

Experience the sights and sounds of being in the elements at night. Witness dramatic light changes and the clamor of scurrying penguins on a true outdoor adventure.


Sea Kayaking in Antarctica

Paddle through the majesty of the icebergs with your guide and live the experience of seeing varied birds, seals and whales in their natural habitat.


Snowshoeing in Antarctica

Head off the beaten track to walk atop fresh snow and visit places that are inaccessible by foot with our snowshoeing excursions available aboard the Ocean Endeavour.


Day Paddle in Antarctica

Our day paddle excursions are a great way to feel at one with the sea while enjoying some spectacular glacial scenery. Excursions last approximately two hours and are offered to our guests once per voyage.


The Ocean Endeavour Ship Booklet

This comfortable and well-appointed ship expertly engineered to explore the Polar Regions has a facilities that incorporate a focus on health and wellness. 


Travellers Guide

Check out our Antarctica Travellers Guide to help you prepare for your Antarctica adventure. Includes information about joining cities, what to pack and more.

Beyond Antarctica
South America Add-ons

There are many incredible places to explore in South America. Let us inspire you with our top itineraries to add pre or post your Antarctic cruise.

Travellers Guide
Latin America

Useful traveller information about each country in Latin America, from the climate, visa requirements, local currency and everything in between.

Ocean Endeavour Booking Conditions

Click here to download the full booking terms and conditions of your voyage.

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