Solo Travellers in Antarctica

Thinking of visiting Antarctica as a solo traveller?

We know it can be tough when you’re the most adventurous one in the family, but if you’re thinking of travelling solo to the Antarctic, we have all the tips to get you there. For many, a trip to Antarctica is the culmination of a lifelong dream, so we encourage everyone to go, even if you don’t have a friend or relative to come along.

An Antarctic cruise is an incredible experience unlike any other, but for single travellers, the friendly, communal, and welcoming nature of cruising means you’ll make new friends before your ship has even left the port! Here’s everything you need to know about solo travel in Antarctica.

Benefits of travelling solo

Meet other interesting solo travellers

When you travel with your partner, friends or family, you often stick together and don’t always meet new people. When you travel solo, you will definitely meet new people— you are never alone on a cruise ship. In fact, there are usually a lot of solo/single travellers on Antarctica cruises. All these solo travellers have one thing in common – they’re there to explore Antarctica and to have a good time. This includes meeting new people, sharing stories and the most mind blowing trip of your lives.

From a welcome reception to a casual chat in the lounge before dinner, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other travellers and share your adventures with newfound friends. 

You choose your adventures

When travelling with others you often have to compromise, planning activities that suit the majority of your group. Well, when you travel solo, you’re in the driver’s seat! Most ships offer on and offshore activities such as kayaking, hiking and snowshoeing. There might not be enough time to do all activities, which means you would have to choose. No problem! Choose whatever you want. No one will argue about the decisions you make and you’ll get to experience everything you wanted to try in Antarctica!

“I really think Antarctica stands out against other destinations for single travellers. The lack of internet, intimacy of a small ship and the overwhelming emotions of such a remote and awe-inspiring place draws people together like magnets. Being a single passenger opens the door to sharing these lifechanging moments with others, people you’ve just met yet creates a bond that you share for a lifetime. It’s a place that opens you up to your ships mates and brings you together unlike anywhere else can…” 


What are my accommodation options?

Single Supplement

Generally, the cost of a cabin is divided between the average number of travellers using the room (that is, per person twin share). A single supplement is just paying for the cost of the room. So if you are looking at a higher cabin category, you will need to pay a single supplement, but it is usually around 15%* less than the full cost of the cabin. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, we’d be glad to talk you through the options.

*Can vary depending on ship

Share Cabins

Some ships have an option to share a cabin with other single traveller/s which will mean you are paying for your share of that cabin. This is the most cost-effective option for single travellers and our Destination Specialists will do their best to pair you up with like-minded travellers, so you can form instant friendships with your cabin mate before the cruise even begins!

How do I request a guaranteed share?

Contact Chimu’s Destination Specialists on 1300 720 564 or fill our our contact form, and we can inform you on the best ship that offers guaranteed share and allocate you a same sex share.

Dedicated Single Cabins

Some ships have dedicated single cabins you can book. They are usually a little more expensive than the share option, but much cheaper than paying the single supplement. Some travellers may prefer this option to have the privacy of their own space.


Recommended ships for solo travellers


Why this ship is great for singles:

  • 32 dedicated single cabins
  • Guaranteed share option
  • Single supplement option for higher categories  


Why this ship is great for singles:

  • Good budget option
  • Max 88 passengers
  • Single supplement option for higher categories  


Why this ship is great for singles:

  • 12 dedicated single cabins
  • Share option available
  • Single supplement option for higher categories  


Why this ship is great for singles:

  • Six dedicated single cabins
  •  Share option available
  • Single supplement option for higher categories  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be the only solo traveller?

No! Solo travellers make up a large proportion of Antarctic voyages, so you will be with other solo travellers who are as adventurous as you, and will surely have many stories to share. The days at sea will provide a great opportunity to plan your next trip!

Will I be lonely?

No! You will be on the same ship as up to 200 people with ages ranging from 18-90 for at least 10 days. During this time, you will share zodiac cruises, adventure walks and wildlife spotting throughout the day, plus, all meals are shared seating, so you will be sat with other travellers who you can compare photos and experiences from the day’s activities.

Will I be safe?

At Chimu, we prioritise your safety and organise all transfers to and from the airport and hand-pick our accommodation so you will feel completely safe and can focus on enjoying your trip. The town of Ushuaia is completely safe for solo travellers, and we have put together some information on The Best Things To Do In Ushuaia. 

How fit do I need to be?

Generally, an expedition cruise is not as strenuous as you might imagine, as any guest who is in good health and mobile can make the voyage – and enjoy it! We have put together some information on How much fitness is required in Antarctica. 


What it’s like to travel solo to Antarctica