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Ocean Victory


The latest in Albatros Expeditions fleet, the new luxury Ocean Victory is one of the most modern ships operating in the Antarctic region. With a total of 93 cabins, most with ocean views to provide an incredible visual experience when sailing through some of the most pristine environments in the world. The Ocean Victory is built with unique technologies and sturdy construction; the 'X-bow' provides high stability in rough weather conditions and some of the smoothest movement on high waves. 

Similar to other vessels in its class, the Ocean Victory was built in mind with a strong focus on sustainability, in an attempt to preserve the unique environments through which it sails. A low-energy vessel, the Victory has 4 diesel engines and 2 electro engines, all controlled electronically to optimize speed as well as minimise fuel consumption. Holding just 189 passengers this vessel proposes an intricate focus is a unique blend of comfort and sustainability. 



Length: 104m / 341ft

Breadth: 18m / 59ft

Gross Tonnage: 7400

Speed: 16 Knots

Passengers: 146-200

Ice Class: Ice Class 1A

Ship Region:Polar

X-bow thrusters for stability in rough weather conditions. 

Accredited with highest Polar Code Class 6 & highest Ice Class 1A



The health and safety of our guests, employees and the communities we visit are our highest priority. We have implemented the following measures to secure the highest degree of safety on board. Our policies and procedures may be subject to change due to as we monitor the evolving scientific and medical advice.

Prior to Embarkation: Please check health requirements of destination and transit countries, as well as those of transport services (airlines). In the 2 weeks prior to travel, we recommend you to closely monitor your health, do a symptom self-check and practice good especially hygiene (physical distancing, hand washing, limited social interactions). All guests will be asked to show their vaccine certificates upon embarkation.

You will be screened for COVID-like symptoms before boarding; your temperature will be taken, and you will be asked to disclose any symptoms. Any temperature above >38°C is considered to be indicative of an infection. Please note that you could be denied boarding by the Doctor/Captain if you if you refuse screening. A “rapid” COVID-19 test will be taken prior to boarding. If the test is positive for COVID-19, a PCR test will be given. Also guests with “symptoms” will need to take a PCR test

Onboard Safety: Daily temperature checks will be undertaken on board. If you have any cold, flu or COVID-19 like symptoms, you need to inform the ship’s medical staff immediately to get tested for COVID-19. If you have fever or certain symptoms, you may not be allowed to participate in any activities, including landings, excursions, and lectures. Please wash your hands as frequently as possible, as a minimum before and after every meal, activity, excursion, and after using the toilet of course. Hands can be sanitized but note that sanitation of hands should not be a replacement to washing hands unless soap and water is not available.

Upon Doctor’s or Captain’s orders you could be isolated in a specific isolation cabin. You will be taken care off, but you will not be allowed to leave the cabin, until tested negative and/or the Doctor (or Captain) states it is safe to do so.

All guests, staff and crew will be required to be fully vaccinated at least a minimum of two weeks prior to embarking the ship.

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