Chimu Adventures is passionate about being responsible in areas of sustainability including the environment and socio-cultural aspects. Chimu is currently trying to accomplish a BCorp certification to be registered as meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. In everything we do, we aim to minimise negative impact and maximise your experience, whilst aspire to play a part in solving social and environmental issues. 



  • -Be aware of our footprint
  • -Encourage reuse, recycling and regeneration
  • -Employ locally
  • -Fundraise for the greater good
  • -Educate travellers 
  • -Give back to the local community
  • -Seek out sustainable protocol in properties we own and work with
  • -Collaborate with like-minded business partners
  • -Enforce company transparency
  • -Never stop seeking ways to improve 

                 > ANTARCTICA

As a member of IAATO we follow guidelines appointed by the Antarctic Treaty System to go above and beyond in support of minimizing negative impacts on this pristine landscape. We also encourage clinets to look to book pre-and post- accommodation with us, where local businesses will be supported. Moreover, our clients receive restaurant recommendations which support locally owned restaurants.
We carefully select all ships we work with and choose smaller sized vessels to create less impact. We use a highly regulated, licensed vessel which is well equipped to operate in the Antarctics delicate ecosystem. We view the voyage to the Antarctic as an expedition, not a sightseeing trip. Smaller boats such as ours can navigate narrow waterways and are far less polluting than the larger ships in Antarctic waters. By carrying less passengers, we have far less waste. The waste is carried back to the home port to allow for environmentally conscious waste management and disposal. 

                 > ARCTIC

In the Arctic we abide by the strict rules and regulations set by The Governor of Svalbard and surrounding regions in relation to our tourism activities in order to protect the environment, minimize negative impact and ensure a passenger’s safety on their journey. We also align our behavior with the Spitsbergen protection of environment and cultural heritage guidelines. We try to choose smaller cruise ship to facilitate smaller groups, thus minimise waste and pollution – all whilst having an intimate experience in the Arctic.
As an environmentally conscious action, we get rid of waste when we are on shore and do not dispose it in the ocean to create less impact and destruction of such a pristine and fragile ecosystem/location. We also encourage people to explore local community’s and heritage, such as visiting the Svalbard Gallery which displays various works from local artists. This helps support the local economy. 

                > LATIN AMERICA

We use local guides and office staff to both maximise local employment opportunities and minimise carbon footprints. Local guides also ensure you benefit from the intimate knowledge, passion and culture of the country you’re visiting. Our guides are all highly qualified (most with university degrees) or many years of experience and are paid above the standard wage. Whether it be our knowledgeable local guides, locally produced meals or the transport on tour, we do not use imported goods when local products are available. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and give as much back as possible to the communities we work in and with.
We can assist you if you wish to visit appropriate community projects to get lot more out of your trip. Most importantly a percentage of the funds generated from your tour (10%) will go back to our charities and assist us supporting the next generation and the environment they live in.

                > OUR OFFICES

We aim to be environmentally accountable in the office space. We are currently striving towards a paperless office, using as little paper as possible and what paper we do print on is 100% recycled. At Chimu we print our brochures to order and limit the amount that can be re-ordered. We only send between 2 and 3 at a time and encourage the use of online access, now more accessable via our download pdf. option on our website.We recycle our paper, plastic and glass waste and use keep cups for beverages within the office space. Roughly 50% of the office employees catch public transport to work and we manage our use of energy by ensuring no appliances are left on unnecessarily. 
At Chimu we try to ensure that you are as ready as possible for your travels. In ensuring this, we send information to you regarding what to bring, what to expect, and how to appropriately engage with the environment around you. We live by the term ‘leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories’ and support the education of appropriate waste management, viewing of wildlife, buying of souvenirs and religious sensitivities noted en route by guides and staff. 

                > CHARITY WORK

Chimu’s MAD Project has provided funding to hundreds of local community projects in Latin America. Our aim is to empower local communities, helping them develop their own infrastructure for the future. Since 2006, we have been working with Kiva (a well-known Non-Governmental Organisation), providing hundreds of loans to local businesses all over South America. 
We also run feature fundraising voyages to raise funds directly for reputable, local, not for profit charity organisations with small budgets and small voices doing big jobs. Other foundations supported in our MAD Project include Project Peru, ECOAN, Mision Mexico, Mawson’s Hut Foundation, LATA Foundation and the McGrath Foundation.



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