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Nicila Forsyth

"Latin America bucks all trends and is a destination for the inquisitive, the adventurous and those ready to be humbled. Overwhelmed by the open spaces, dramatic scenery ,the friendliest of people, you just can’t keep me away."

I grew up in Queensland and at 18 took off to England on a journey that unexpectedly lasted nearly 15 years. During that time I was lucky enough to travel extensively through Latin America whilst working for a couple of different tour operators. The golden shores of Australia (and family!) eventually called me home where I’ve settled on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.    

I’ve always worked in tourism and have seen many changes to the way we can explore the world and I love being part of positive change in the industry. I believe that being a tourist just isn’t enough anymore, if we are fortunate enough to travel, we are looking to travel with purpose and awareness. Chimu promotes a true cultural exchange where you will be lucky enough to not only ‘see’ a new destination but really understand the people, customs and environment enough that it changes something inside all of us for the better.

I’m not sure I can pick a favourite place in South America but Antarctica is undoubtably the most unique and mind blowing trip I’ve been on. There is nothing quite like being outnumbered by little penguin friends! My fondest memories however are from spending an extended amount of time in the Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica. You’ll be surrounded by lush rainforest, perfect beaches, world class dive sites and humidity you can carve through. Scarlet macaws and toucans follow you down walking tracks as you keep a hopeful eye out for Tapirs. This is a place where you need no morning alarm, its safe to rely solely on the howler monkeys to wake you up in time for spectacular sunrises over the Pacific.

I look forward to assisting Chimu clients create their own fondest memories and tales of adventure in this thrilling continent.

Nicila Forsyth

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