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Peter Miers

"Travel is my overriding passion. It’s great to be able to work in a company and in a role that stirs that passion every day. I love to be able to sense that same excited anticipation for travel in our customers, and to be able to send them off to unforgettable travel experiences."

I suspect I may have caught the travel bug in my early teens while reading ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’, drawn to the notion that you could go anywhere you wanted to go. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I worked out that I could do this too, and the following year spent a few months travelling around Canada and the US, an experience that changed my life. Travel made me feel like I’d never truly lived before; the discoveries shared with new friends, the incredible moments of learning and introspection have dictated my life’s course ever since.

Over the years I’ve explored much of the world, including almost ten months travelling in Latin America, from the Rio Grande down to Tierra del Fuego. I celebrated my 30th birthday in a raucous bar on Rio’s Copacabana Beach; I climbed Mount Popocatapetl, a volcano just outside of Mexico City; I swam with sea lions and turtles in the Galapagos Islands; I had my own Huck Finn experience catching cargo boats down the Amazon; I watched a magical dawn arise from Temple IV in Guatemala’s breathtaking Tikal complex; and I felt the seething emotion of a Latin American football crowd at a first-class match in El Salvador.

But my favourite memory is one enjoyed by many other travellers – having trekked the Inca Trail for four days, that moment at dawn when you finally reach the Sun Gate and peer around the corner…. there it is, just down the valley… Machu Picchu! One of the most iconic sights in travel; I can remember how my heart thumped for joy upon seeing it for the first time.

As I travel, my first loves are history and indigenous cultures, so my favourite region in Latin America is the Andes and the ancient cultures it has spawned. But I have also been incredibly lucky to have visited Antarctica on a couple of occasions, and I know what it means when people say they have felt changed by the experience. Nowhere else on the planet can make you feel that palpable sense of isolation and of privilege to have been able to experience the last great, untouched wilderness, its spectacular scenery and pristine wildlife.

Whether it’s your first time going to Latin America or Antarctica or, like me, it’s got you hooked and you keep returning to explore more, I enjoy the opportunity to help you get there to experience for yourselves what I love about each wonderful destination.

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