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Tara Adam

"I have travelled to six out of the seven continents. With a Diploma in Business and Tourism, I have built a career around travel; flight attending, guiding, and consulting, anything to enable me to live my dream of exploring the world."

Something about the Spanish language and Latin culture is so captivating and romantic.

I began my adventures in Cuba moving with the local rhythms and sipping on Cuban mojitos. My now husband took me to the rooftop in Trinidad and proposed under the stars, while the colourful streets danced below. Cuba will always hold a special place in my heart.

The next stop was Panama and continued for three months of surfing, exploring jungles, islands, reefs, volcanoes, lakes, ruins, coffee and cacao plantations through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.

I was so taken by Central America that for the next milestone in my life, I chose South America for our honeymoon. Patagonia is like nowhere else in the world! There is something so surreal, so magical when the sky opens up and lets the sun shine over the towering, granite horns of Torres Del Paine while Guanacos frolic in the foreground.

I loved every stop along the way, getting lost in the world of bohemian musicians and artists in Santiago. The edgy, fashionable streets and hidden bars, combined with fine wine and delicious steakhouses in Buenos Aires. Horse riding, empanada making and Argentinian BBQ, living the ranch life. Sipping on Malbec in Mendoza and then getting lost for two days in the world of butterflies and waterfalls of Iguassu. Then there is Brazil, everything you imagined as Christ the Redeemer looms over the colourful favelas and lively beaches of Rio. Catch some waves in the coastal town of Buzios or relax on the daybeds with a caipirinha and the freshest of seafood.

Take me back!!!

Tara Adam
National Sales Manager (Australia)

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