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Explora Easter Islands : Rapa Nui

4 Days FROM USD 2,225


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Located 8 km (5 miles) away from Hanga Roa, in a privileged location explore Easter Island, at Explora Rapa Nui. Surrounded by trees, praires and views of the Pacific  cean, this unique lodging offers an unforgettable stay that includes a selections of more than 30 exploration routes designed by the dedicated outdoor team. 

Highlights Include: 

Snorkling Ovahe: Take a van to Ovahe beach, one of the least known on the Island. Here you can swim 200 meters offshore to watch endemic sea life and purple corals. Water temperature varies from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). Take your swimsuit. Prior snorkeling experience is recommended for this exploration.

Akahanga : Walk from the hotel to the coastline, descending among prairies, farmlands, and archaeological sites. We finish this trek in the area of Akahanga, the burial site of the first king of Rapa Nui and where the second largest moai platform is found. Return to the hotel by van.

Roiho: Take a van to Ahu Akivi, the only platform with moai facing the ocean. Hike along the Roiho lava fields with magma-shaped tunnels and caves. Finally, continue hiking along the coast up to the Tahai archaeological site.

Anakena Bike Ride: Ride from the hotel towards Ahu Tongariki, the best-rebuilt platform with 15 intact moai. Continue along the coastline to the Mahatua area, visiting several archaeological sites up to Anakena, with its ruins, crystal-clear waters and white sands. Return to explora by van. Bring your swimsuit.

Dusciver Scuba Diving : This exploration is the easiest way to get to know Rapa Nui’s amazing submarine world. It includes two stages: The first stage takes place in explora where a guide teaches diving theory and conducts a controlled immersion in the pool so that guests can get used to the equipment and perform some exercises. The second stage involves a dive in the Hanga Roa bay, experiencing diving in waters known worldwide for their visibility. After completing the diving experience, the traveler gets a discovery or baptism PADI Certificate. *This exploration has an additional cost.


Trip Code: CLERN4

Travel Style: Tailor Made Journey

Location: Easter Island, Chile

Flights: Ask us to help book your flights to/from South America.


  • Choose from a menu of 30 activities around Easter Island that captures culture, heritage and scenery. Personalise your experience to your wants, needs and capabilities.

  • The rooms at Rapa Nui combine simplicity and comfort to ensure that travelers get a well-deserved rest after a day of exploration. With views to prairies and the ocean, the rooms are a unique place to leave everyday worries behind and enjoy.

  • A great add on to your Chile adventure


Arrival into Easter Island and transfer to your hotel.

Activities in Easter Island might be rescheduled upon arrival to the destination.

Explora Easter Island - Day 1/4

Explora Easter Island have a set of activities where you can choose from onsite, allowing you to create your own personalised experience to uncover Easter Island. Below are suggested options you may like to choose from through-out your stay.

This morning you will leave the hotel and head to Cerro de Pui. Here, you begin the hike at the foot of the hill, known for the Haka Pei competition, in which Rapa Nui slide down the hill using toboggans fashioned from banana tree trunks. The trail continues through the fields, passing various archaeological sites before arriving to Ranu Raraku, the Moai quarry. Most of Easter Islands 900 moai come from the slopes of the Rano Raraku volcano. After enjoying the amazing landscape, return to the hotel by van for lunch.
In the afternoon, you will leave towards Vaitea by van where the hike begins. You will climb to Maunga Kuma and the crater of Maunga Terevaka, the highest point on the island. From here you can view the entire island in 360°, surrounded by the unending Pacific Ocean. Then you will follow the path to Anakena along high coastal ridges, slowly descending, passing through various archaeological sites. Finally, you will arrive at Anakena beach where you can swim and enjoy the shade of the palm groves. Return to the hotel by van. Dinner and Overnight.

Exploring Easter Island

Explora Easter Island have a set of activities where you can choose from onsite, allowing you to create your own personalised experience to uncover Easter Island. Below are suggested options you may like to choose from through-out your stay.

After breakfast, you will leave the hotel by van and travel to the coves of Hanga Otai or Hanga Piko. From here, you will take a boat to sail through coastal caves, take in the cliffs of Rano Kau and view the Motus, small islets famous for the Birdman competition, navigating the crystal clear waters that surround the island. Transfer back to the hotel for lunch.
Afternoon Snorkelling. The waters of Rapa Nui are known for being some of the most pristine waters on the planet, diving in them is a true privilege. You will sail aboard a boat to one of the best areas for snorkeling. Explora provides all the proper equipment and a guide to assist in discovering the marine wildlife of the island, such as coral, molluscs, crustaceans, and tropical fish. Enjoy the calmness and peace that is found under the sea here, whose temperature ranges from 20˚C to 25˚C.*
Dinner and Overnight.

*Availability of sea explorations depends on weather and sea conditions. Local boats do not provide cover from the sun.

Exploring Easter Island

Transfer to the airport for your outward flight from Easter Island.

Depart Explora Easter Island


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Pricing & date

Travel Style Departing Duration PRICE FROM
Deluxe Daily 4 USD 2,225

Important Information

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    Accommodation with breakfast daily
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    Travel insurance
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  • Available upon request. Contact us for more details. 

  • All entrance fees are subject to change without prior notice.

    This is a Tailor-Made itinerary which can be customised to create your own unique journey. Contact us to discuss your travel plans.

  • Season and availability. 


We believe that appropriate accommodation should add to the authentic travel experience, as well as providing utmost enjoyment. For that reason our accommodation is scrutinised by our staff on the ground frequently, ensuring the properties adhere to our high standards. This key will help you understand the levels of accommodation available on this tour.



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Explora is committed to sustainability through multiple levels. Their 'leave no trace' policy utilises waste, water and power management to minimise their environmental impact in their unique and remote locations. They also sponsor the Lenga reforestation program, am objective aimed at restoring, protecting and producing a fully self sustaining forest restoration program in Patagonia While visiting the many national parks, heritage sites, museums and landmarks our travellers are encouraged to explore remain culturally aware and sensitive. We further encourage you to buy appropriate souvenirs and discourage the buying of anything wrongfully made or taken from the environment i.e. shells and endangered species products. Information on how you can be environmentally conscious, and travel responsibly will be made available in our Travellers Guides and provided during your travels by guides and staff.

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