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Snow Shoeing

Snow Shoeing

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While you can enjoy spectacular vistas of Antarctica from the Ocean Endeavour, disembarking and setting foot on the Peninsula connects you with the breathtaking scenery of imposing mountain ranges, beautiful glaciers and soaring cliffs. Snowshoeing allows you to go even deeper into Antarctica’s interior and reach less visited places where many other visitors simply don’t go!

It provides a unique opportunity to explore Antarctica’s untouched wilderness by foot. So strap on your snowshoes and prepare for the ultimate Antarctic activity.

Is Snowshoeing for you?

The polar regions have long held a deep and rich tradition with Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing provides one of the most unique and traditional ways to experience Antarctica. It allows us to explore snow covered areas and unique sites that can’t be accessed through regular hiking. For those not regular to colder climates, snowshoeing can seem like an activity exclusive only to mountaineers. However, it’s generally known that if you know how to walk, you know how to snowshoe! For first-time snowshoers it may take a moment to get used to the feel of your snowshoes, but no previous experience is actually required. Our expert guides will take in consideration the general fitness level of the group when planning the route and destination of your snowshoe adventure – both experienced snowshoers and newcomers alike are welcome to join.

What to expect

If you book your snowshoeing adventure for your Antarctic expedition, there may be multiple opportunities to join this activity – It is all dependant on weather and snow conditions. Each snowshoeing adventure will last up to three hours and is designed for all levels of experience. Our expert guides will do their upmost to cater for all guest and provide a truly spectacular excursion.

Fitness requirements

Although no previous snowshoeing experience is required it is generally recommended that you have at least an average level of fitness, as you will be walking for at least three hours through the snow. If you regularly enjoy activities such as hiking and walking you will generally be fit enough to enjoy this incredible activity.

Equipment provision

Snowshoes and ski poles are provided, and we
recommend you bring and wear clothing that is suitable for the polar regions, such as thermal underwear, a breathable jacket, thick socks, sunglasses and a backpack.

Safety and qualifications

Our snowshoeing excursions are guided by our expert expedition team who have years of snowshoeing experience in polar regions.

Secure your place

This activity is bookable onboard so there is no need to decide now.

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