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Antarctica Flights


Our Antarctica flights are very different from our ship based expeditions to Antarctica given that they give you a chance to experience Antarctica in one day. One of the things that even seasoned ship based expeditioners mention is the sense of scale that the Antarctica overflights give you in comparison to ship based expeditions. The flights give you a much greater appreciation of the sheer size of Antarctica compared to anything that you experience on a ship.

You will travel from 9,500 km round trip (Melbourne regular flight) up to 13,500 kms round trip (South Pole Flight) depending on your departure city. We will also have a team of Chimu Adventures Antarctica experts onboard to help explain the landscapes and history of the continent as we fly. Over the years, Chimu Adventures has built up one of largest teams of Antarctica experts within Australia and we leverage off this team to help us a fantastic inflight experience for our clients.  

Generally it takes around three hours of flying time south of Australia before we start to see scattered icebergs and shortly after we normally reach the continent itself, where, weather permitting, we’ll get to take in the dramatic mountains, glaciers and frozen landscapes of Antarctica.

For the regular Antarctica flights we will spend 3 - 4 hours flying over the Antarctic continent and weather permitting we’ll hope to reduce the flying altitude to approximately 20,000 feet to give improved viewing of some areas. The South Pole Flight will spend significantly longer over Antarctica, mostly at cruising altitude as we aim to reach the South Pole.

On each departure date we carefully consider a number of factors, including weather, cloud cover and ice conditions to help provide you the best viewing experience on the day. Working with Qantas, we have 20 different potential flight paths to choose from, all of which have a variety of interesting features to see.

* Please note travellers must be double vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel on these flights. 


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