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Optional Activity - Submarine Expedition

Submarine Expedition

Each environmentally friendly, battery-powered sub carries just seven people — six guests, three each in two clear acrylic spheres — plus the highly trained pilot guiding the journey. The intimate and innovative new exploration vehicles are capable of diving to depths of 300 meters (984 feet) offering passengers an awe-inspiring perspective of the marine world just outside. Thanks to undisturbed and undistorted views in virtually all directions you’ll come face-to-face with the wonders that lie below the waterline.

To memorialize your time under the sea, the subs are outfitted with a high-tech, 4K underwater video camera system that will capture your underwater experience. The videos will be screened onboard for workshops and conversations with guests that are led by marine biologist or oceanographer Expeditions leaders.

*Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit's submarines are a high-profile amenity of its expedition capabilities. Itineraries where submarines may be deployed are indicated by an icon, however their use is limited by conditions of currents and visibility, cannot be guaranteed, and are at the Captain’s discretion.

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