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We're celebrating turning 15!

"Looking back on the past 15 years of  Chimu. I can honestly say it has been nothing short of inspiring.  The most formidable inspiration of course has been the locations in which we travel. These incredible places are the very reason we opened up shop in the first place. We wanted to let other travellers be as lucky as us, to experience intense beauty and the incredible communities dotted along the way.  The journey that followed our initial idea, has been nothing short of incredible. We simply wouldn't have been able to do all that we have done without the incredible people behind the scenes that make this all possible and it's they who we are celebrating for this birthday, for without these incredible people, Chimu wouldn't exist, our team inspires us every day." Chad Carey, Chimu Co-Founder

"When Chad and I decided to start a business, we knew it wouldn't be easy, and I agree, our people are the heartbeat of our existence. These guys not only build and promote the itineraries we run but also travel on them and so we decided to ask our longest serving staff members about their favourite trips, after all they are the ones who have tried and tested so much for Chimu. So if you are looking for the ultimate journey to take, consider one of the following, you cant get a higher recommendation! " Greg Carter, Chimu Co-Founder

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