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Insight Guide to Arctic Expeditions – The Ultimate BIG Adventure

Welcome to Chimu’s Arctic Adventures, a phenomenal collection of expeditions to the northernmost reaches of our planet. From the northern tip of Scandinavia to the easternmost coast of Russia, the remotest corners of Canada and the mystical North Pole, we offer you unrivalled chances for BIG adventures to the mesmerizing frozen frontiers of the Arctic region. Insight Guide to Arctic Expeditions – The Ultimate BIG Adventure, is your dream ticket to the world’s wildest frontiers.

Map of Arctic Expeditions.
Wildlife at Arctic Expeditions. Photo credit: shutterstock


The only permanently inhabited island on Svalbard, the Norwegian Arctic archipelago renowned for being home to more polar bears than people, Spitsbergen is an unrivalled Arctic destination. Ideal for those short on time – thanks to its ease of access from Europe – Spitsbergen can be visited all year round. In summer, you can cruise the Arctic waters and tackle heart-thumping expeditions by dog-sled. In winter, you can lie back and be blown away by the resplendent spectacle of the Northern Lights. Less than 1,000 kilometres from the North Pole, and deep within the Arctic Circle, Spitzbergen is the most visited Arctic destination in Europe and a brilliant introduction to Arctic explorations.

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Spitzbergen. Photo credit: shutterstock

The Russian Arctic

The Russian Arctic region is a dream for all seasoned adventurers: that ultimate frontier for those who have ‘been there and done that’ all over the world. This is a land forgotten by time or, at the very least, largely ignored by the rest of the travelling world. Too far-flung, too disconnected and far too foreign to even seem like a reachable goal. If you’re looking to channel your inner old-world explorer, the one who discovers new horizons, you’ll find no better Arctic destination to visit. Endless horizons of dramatic tundra, home to a colossal array of endemic wildlife and some of the most magnificent landscapes you’ll ever see in your life. Add to that close encounters with incredibly interesting native cultures, and you’ll find the Russian Arctic delivering an impressive amount of unforgettable experiences to all those who brave its frontiers.

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The Russian Arctic. Photo credit: shutterstock


You know you’ll be up for some marvellous nature-filled adventures when you land on the world’s largest island, which also happens to be the least populated by humans. An arctic sensory overload like no other, Greenland is home to the largest ice cap on the planet, spectacular icebergs, breathtaking fjords and a remarkably vibrant Nordic culture. One of the few places on earth which has the ability to make you feel immensely and totally insignificant. Everything about Greenland is colossal and grandiose and, for WOW factor alone, should be on everyone’s must-visit list.

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Watching the Northern Lights in Greenland, Arctic. Photo credit: shutterstock

Canadian Arctic

A part of the northern cap which needs little introduction, the Canadian Arctic is all about magnificent scenery, exceptional wildlife and world-renowned hospitality by its native Inuit locals. With tens of thousands of islands to meander around, dodging icebergs, polar bears and vertiginous ice-capped peaks, the Canadian Arctic region is Mother Nature at her most impressive. Boasting a rich history in seafaring explorations, along the coveted Northwest Passage, this is the best destination if you want to indulge in a lot of adventure activities. Explore by bobsled, on husky-sled, on foot, by plane or from the comfort of your expedition ship: Canadian Arctic expeditions offer the lot, and so much more.

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Scenery of the Canadian Arctic. Photo credit: shutterstock

North Pole

The ultimate thrill for the consummate explore: a voyage to the North Pole is a bona fide Holy Grail arctic experience. Fly in for a whirlwind visit of a temporary Russian floating Arctic base-camp, only 1 degree away from the polar north. Experience life at extremes, be overawed by the ethereal landscapes and meet the people who make a living researching what is arguably the most inhospitable nook of our planet. A North Pole expedition is a sensational adventure very few have the privilege to experience.

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The North Pole. Photo credit: shutterstock

A voyage of exploration to the northernmost reaches of our planet, aboard ice-strengthened vessels staffed by an expert and dedicated team of professional guides. Our Arctic Expeditions are what happens when adventure dreams and reality come together to bring you unforgettable memories.

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