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Things to do in the Ballestas Islands of Peru

The Ballestas Islands are one of Peru’s least known highlights, although their proximity to the capital (

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The Mysterious White-Skinned Cloud People of Peru Atlantis

One of the most unique and legendary races in the world is also one that we know the least about.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Peru? Here’s What You Need to Know

Peru, home to world wonders like Machu Picchu and the

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Discover Huacachina – Peru’s Mesmerizing Desert Oasis

In the middle of the south Peruvian desert, lies a little speck of a village shrouded in legends and endless sand dunes.

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Peru’s Biggest Secret is Out! The Truth about Trujillo

The birthplace of some of the most significant pre-Inca cultures in South America and certainly the cultural capital of Peru, not to mention a stun

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When to Visit Machu Picchu - Is it Worth Visiting in the Wet Season?

Sure, Peru’s revered archaeological site is spellbinding…but many people are unsure about when to visit Machu Picchu, as it has both a wet and dry

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