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The travel industry over the past two years has gone from one of the largest, seemingly most sustainable industries on the planet, through to the most devastated and now emerging once again.  It has seen changes beyond the imagination, many players have had to reluctantly hang up their boots. Those who remain have weathered storms they would rather not but one thing is for sure, whether in the business or looking forward to the future,  the desire to travel, to bring communities together and bring joy back to human beings has not faltered. Here we talk about the past, present and the future of travel as we Chimu Chat to our colleagues, staff and travellers during the rebuild of this incredible industry. Join us on this journey and keep up with the conversations as we move toward brighter days of travel. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to our world. 

South America Tourism Update: Guide To International Travel Restrictions

COVID cases across South America have been declining for months, and tourism is back. Many countries have reopened their borders to international travellers, whilst others are in the final stages of reopening. Our local ground operations unpack the current travel restrictions.

Central America Tourism Update: Guide To International Travel Restrictions

Tourism across Central America remains largely open to international travellers - COVID case numbers and travel restrictions vary. Some parts of Central America have been hit particularly hard during the pandemic. However, there are signs the worst of the outbreak is behind them.

Chile Tourism Update: November 2021

From November 1, 2021, Chile will reopen its borders to international tourism. International travellers can once again explore the incredible diverse regions of Chile. Chile has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, and case numbers have remained low for several months.

Argentina Tourism Update: November 2021

Argentina is a must-visit destination packed full of incredible highlights. Argentina reopened its borders to international tourism on November 1 2021. International travellers can once again explore its diverse regions, unique culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Ecuador Tourism Update: October 2021

Ecuador tourism is bouncing back. Resilient local operators, supportive government initiatives, and dropping COVID case numbers have all led to travellers returning to this iconic destination. After a difficult couple of years, the future for Ecuador’s tourism sector looks bright.

Brazil - After riding a pandemic tidal wave, things are finally looking up!

Vaccinations are accelerating through the population and whilst not yet at pre pandemic levels, international tourism in Brazil is rebounding and welcoming travellers from the US and Europe! With tourism a critical element to income, international tourists have been welcomed back with open arms.

Peru - The borders are open and the tourists are coming back!

The sheer volume of US tourists to Peru is testament to the improved health of Peru’s citizens and ongoing protocols to protect the safety of all visitors and communities. Despite the borders being open now since March 2021, cases have fallen to the lowest levels since the pandemic began.

Michelle Desmarchelier - Travel Manager
Driving 4000 kms across Australia in one week gave me purpose.

Driving  huge distances across outback roads in one week is not for the faint hearted but neither is cancer! Fundraising in one of the hardest environments was confronting. Then returning, that burning desire to keep delivering back in the travel industry was on fire.

Susan Elliot - Travel Journalist
When it’s safe I’m looking forward to seeing what other moving objects I can throw myself off, on foreign shores!

To keep my fingers in international reporting during the hiatus, I’ve enjoyed a switch to reflective journalism where I’ve revisited some of my past travels to create comical content with new eyes.

Chad Carey - Chimu Adventures
excited to play an integral part in bringing the global community back together.

It's fortunate I didn’t have any hair before the pandemic started! The last 18 months have been a battle of attrition. The phase of the pandemic we are in feels like the toughest but hopefully final stage. Vaccinations are finally becoming a part of our combat arsenal. 

Karsten Horne - Reho Travel
Sustainability will be at at the forefront of the travel industry.

I tried to reinvent myself as a rap artist and I was crap at it, as for my attempt at becoming a tradie, let’s hope the building inspectors don’t look too close! So, I guess after travelling to over 100 countries and doing this for 35+ years, what other choice do I have?

Donna Phillips - Donna Phillips Travel
It’s only a matter of time before international travel will happen again.

2020 looked like it was going to be an incredible year. Travel was thriving and exciting, with travellers experiencing destinations all over the world. Then the Pandemic hit. It was unbelievable,  I worked in overdrive just trying to get my clients home.  Yet Im still here! 

James McAlloon - Chimu Adventures
Most people left in travel have decided to fight to the end.

The two main things you will find in the industry as it stands today is that the companies and people remaining are the best managed, most resilient and most innovative. This means that the industry is restarting with the best of us and I’m proud to be a part of that. 

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