Aaaarrrghh, choosing is so confusing?  We know, you’ve looked at other companies and seen the trekking tours, the luxury tours, the volunteer tours, the volunteer tours with a bit of trekking, the luxury tours with a bit of volunteering, the meditation tours, the cooking tours, the cooking tours with a bit of volunteering, meditation and luxury tours, the over 50’s, the under 35s…. No wonder everyone is wondering around scratching their heads!

Well STOP! Here at Chimu we like to keep it simple. You tell us where, how, and what and we’ll simply piece it together for you! It’s too easy.

But I don’t know all of the highlights of the countries I want to visit. It’s for this reason we have used our specialist knowledge to piece together a number of the best itineraries in the market and priced them up, all you need to do is tell us the date you want to travel, your personal star rating and away you go. Alternatively use one of these itineraries and modify it to suit your needs.

Guaranteed departures everyday, are you sure?  That’s right, no more fretting over cancelled tours due to low numbers, no more missing out on Aunty Glady’s birthday because you have to fly to South America to join your tour. The Majority of our tours depart daily, the rest depart regularly and are guaranteed. You decide when and where and away you go. * Force majeure disclaimer

But how does Chimu make everything so flexible? We have a board range of smaller modules that make up our packages. These tours may be 1,2 or say 5 days long. So for example on a 12 day itinerary you may be one a Lima city tour with one group of people for one day, then on an Amazon trip with a spate group of people for four days and finally a three day trip to Lake Titicaca with another group for three days. So it’s the best of both worlds – you have the flexibility to be able to do exactly the itinerary that you want while still being able to meet and share the trip with a other people along the way. Don’t want the city tour of Lima but want to go to the Nazca lines instead – no problem, we organise changes like that every day!

Sounds expensive? It’s not. Because we have our own operations and partnerships throughout Latin America you are not paying a chain of businesses to piece together your dream itinerary. Cutting out the middle man saves not only time but money! Compare our prices, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m a single traveller; will I be on my own? It’s up to you. We can either create a private itinerary for you or group you with other like minded travellers visiting the same sites. You might even want to do a combination of both. We also have a select number of group departures that are better suited to singles wanting to travel on a set itinerary with other people.

Everyone claims to be a specialist these days, what makes you different? This is true; it’s a clutter out there and so hard to tell who really is a specialist. At Chimu we take our business seriously and only employ people who truly understand Latin America and Antarctica as it's all the we do. Click here to meet the team.

How can I contact you? We pride ourselves on our e-mail response time. Most e-mails are responded to in a matter of hours. If we don’t reply in 48 hours, you will receive a discount off your booking. If you prefer to talk to us, see our contact numbers on the "contact us" page. Alternatively give us a call at one of our offices or come in to see us.

What Currencies can I pay in? Pounds Sterling, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars or US Dollars.

How can I pay for my tour? Is my payment safe? You can pay by Visa or Mastercard. We can also take AMEX on request. Our secure payment processes are provided by the NAB and Suncorp Bank in Australia and Barclaycard in the UK.

I feel unsafe buying a tour online. What security do I have when buying from Chimu Adventures? In Australia We are a licensed travel agent under the New South Wales Government Office of Fair Trading. If customers have any complaints about Chimu Adventures these can be reported to the Office of Fair Trading. If Fair Trading finds travel agents have breached their responsibilities under the Travel Agents Act 1998 they can revoke the travel agent licence. Chimu Adventures is also a member of the Travel Compensation Fund. The Travel Compensation Fund provides financial security to customers. Should Chimu Adventures become insolvent or not be able to provide any future service, the Travel Compensation Fund will refund any monies owing to customers. For more information on the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading or the Travel Compensation Fund please go to . In the UK we are bonded members of both ABTA and ATOL which work in a similar role to the Travel Compensation Fund in Australia.

I still feel unsure. Do you offer a more personalised service where I can find out more? Sure, you can come into one of our offices and talk to us face-to-face (Sydney and the Sunshine Coast in Australia or London in the UK). We are also regularly present at travel shows around Australia and the UK so contact us for more details about upcoming events.

What standard of tour will Chimu Adventures provide?  We offer tours of varying standards to allow for any budget. From the customer that wants to minimise hotels costs because the want to spend as much time out of their hotel as possible through to corporate five star retreats – we can do it all. That said as a basic rule even our budget tour hotels are checked carefully and we wouldn’t sell any hotels that we wouldn’t stay in ourselves. We are very careful in the selection of our hotels and tours – to make sure we get you customer the best value for money irrespective of their budget.

Generally, what does the tour include? Generally most tours include all breakfasts (in remote locations such as the Amazon or on cruises generally all meals are provided). All airport transfers and guided English speaking tours are included and where possible all relevant taxes and entry fees are included (there are some exceptions as not all entry fees can be prepaid). Most of the tour on our website include any internal flights as part of the tour but will not include flights from Australia or the UK, although our sales people will be happy to give you a package quote including all flights (Flights from Australia and the UK change regularly and very depending on date of departure – hence we why prefer to quote these costs separate from our standard tour prices).

How does Chimu Adventures provide a high value tour? We know Latin America and Antarctica very well – remember that Latin America and Antarctica is all that we do and all that our sales team deal with every day (compared this to many other travel businesses that sell trips to various continents and have sales teams that are dealing with tours from many different locations). Most of our team have lived and worked in Central or South America and all of our sales team have travelled extensively in Latin America and/ or Antarctica. We can provide you with inside knowledge that you may not get elsewhere. In saying that, we will not bore you to tears with over the top explanations either.

What type of guide will the tour have? Our tour guides are all experienced, English speaking guides with an in-depth knowledge of the areas in which we operate. Our guides are more than happy to help you with your Spanish or give you tips on where to shop and where to go out. We use local guides wherever possible, to keep the tour intimate and to give you an understanding of the culture and traditions of the places you visit.

Do I need to put money towards a kitty or local payment on top of my tour cost? No, we do not like to hit our customers with another charge as soon as they start the tour (with the exception of a small number of group tours that we sell). We proudly started Chimu Adventures with the idea not to EVER charge these!

What support will Chimu Adventures provide between when I pay for my tour and prior to my tour start date? We will provide you with a confirmed itinerary and pre departure information shortly after you make your deposit payment for your tour. Our confirmed itinerary will give you all the information you need and will provide you with pre-departure information and telephone contact details in the countries of destination.

Could my tour be cancelled? Unlike a lot of other operators we confirm the tours and accommodation prior to providing your confirmation. In this way, we control bookings very carefully never cancel customer’s trips, unless it’s due to Force Majeure (e.g. due to mechanical issues on a ship or a natural disaster).