13 NIGHTS From AUD4,020

A 14 day tour giving a great overview of Chile and Argentina, including hiking & wineries as well as a visit to the Torres del Paine National Park.

11 NIGHTS From AUD9,280

Take the opportunity to explore Chile, the country of contrasts. Start in the Atacama Desert and finish in Patagonia to witness the glaciers & ice fields.

7 NIGHTS From AUD3,720

On this 8-day journey travel to Chile to experience untouched raw beauty. With the Andes mountains as the spine of this enigmatic country, discover pure happiness.

9 NIGHTS From AUD4,310

Visit the spectacular highlights Chile has to offer. Witness the driest desert in the world and explore Chile's amazing nature in Torres del Paine.

13 NIGHTS From AUD6,330

From the Andean spine of this long, thin country to its ocean coastline, from the highest, driest desert on Earth to turquoise lakes and rolling vineyards, Chile is a gorgeous spectacle.

9 NIGHTS From AUD7,360

From the icy south to the desert north, from the rugged Pacific coastline to the highest peaks of the Andes, Chimu Adventures offers a myriad of opportunities to enjoy the country's unique geography and culture.

11 NIGHTS From AUD8,920

On this 12-day tour discover the spectacular scenery of Chile, from wild and breathtakingly beautiful Torres del Paine to the arid, sun-baked Atacama Desert with its salt flats and geysers.

8 NIGHTS From AUD9,660

Discover three of Chile's most beautiful areas

1 NIGHTS From AUD650

The Andean Lake crossing between the two countries is one of the most scenic journeys in Latin America and it is available either way from Chile to Argentina or from Argentina to Chile, taking you through spectacular lakes and mountain passes.

3 NIGHTS From AUD660

A taster of Chile's cosmopolitan and historic capital city, its world-renowned wine-making area and the World-Heritage listed seaside city of Valparaiso.

3 NIGHTS From AUD820

Explore the adventure focused sleepy town of El Calafate including a trip out to the world famous Perito Moreno Glacier.

4 NIGHTS From AUD900

For a picture perfect adventure, visit Chile's Lake District, combining stunning scenery and a range of outdoor activities.

3 NIGHTS From AUD960

Explore Easter Island, one of the most isolated places on earth, and meet the Moai, the watchful stone guardians of the island.

3 NIGHTS From AUD1,270

Explore the island of Chiloé in Chile, famous for myths and legends & its heritage churches. This 4 day tour includes a trip to the Chiloé National Park.

3 NIGHTS From AUD1,350

Live like a local in Estancias in Los Glaciares National Park on the shores of the southern arm of Lake Argentino.

2 NIGHTS From AUD1,640

Travel through the stunning wine valleys of Chile. Covered in ancient vines, Santiago's countryside represents the heart of Chilean wine production.

3 NIGHTS From AUD1,675

The expedition cruise ship M/V Stella Australis takes you on a journey to the “uttermost end of the earth between Argentina & Chile, including Patagonia.

5 NIGHTS From AUD1,890

Explore the winemaking heartland of South America’s best known wine exporters, Chile & Argentina.

2 NIGHTS From AUD1,920

Travel from Atacama, the world’s driest desert, to Bolivia through volcanoes & colourful lagoons until reaching the world’s largest salt lake.

4 NIGHTS From AUD1,632

Starting in January 2018, embark on adventurous five-day, four-night journeys between Ushuaia (Argentina) to Punta Arenas (Chile) through some of planet’s most remote places and incredible scenery.

2 NIGHTS From AUD1,990

Driving across the world’s largest salt lake, the Salar de Uyuni, is one of the greatest experiences available to the South American traveller. This short trip is bursting with natural wonders from coral islands at over 4,000m (13,000ft) to multi-coloured lakes, rocks sculpted by the wind, craters bubbling with lava and volcanic landscapes giving way to the eerie stillness of the desert. 

4 NIGHTS From AUD2,030

Its excellent geographic location has led Uruguay to become a privileged producer of wines with international standards of quality in the last few years.

7 NIGHTS From AUD2,355

This trip delivers adventure, relaxation and culture in true South American style. Discover Chile and Argentina's spectacular lakes and tantalising wines.

3 NIGHTS From AUD2,380

Cruise the Chilean fjords and marvel at South America's largest glaciers. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and get close to some of the wildlife.

3 NIGHTS From AUD2,380

This short trip is bursting with natural wonders - coral islands, multi-coloured lakes and the world's largest salt lake, Salar de Uyuni.

3 NIGHTS From AUD2,490

Enjoy this 4-day tour and enlighten your senses travelling through incredible Chile -visit some of the marvellous wineries the country has to offer.

6 NIGHTS From AUD2,500

Discover the Carretera Austral and explore the stunning landscapes of the Futaleufu Valley and the majestic Queulat Hanging Glacier on this 7-day journey.

3 NIGHTS From AUD2,665

The Alto Atacama is the perfect base to spend 4 days exploring the desert, having cultural encounters, or simply absorbing the breathtaking landscape.

3 NIGHTS From AUD2,680

Enjoy an active holiday? Torres del Paine is the perfect place for trekking and other outdoor activities. Learn more about this 4-day trip.

8 NIGHTS From AUD2,820

Savour the very best of what Chile has to offer. Visit bustling cities, picturesque villages and the iconic Osomo Volcano.

6 NIGHTS From AUD3,149

This trip involves a collection of the many experiences which the Atacama calls home. View the itinerary to see everything it includes.

3 NIGHTS From AUD3,170

Witness the spectacular Atacama Desert & Toconao village, see rare flamingos on the Atacama Salt Flats & will also visit the Tatio Geisers.

6 NIGHTS From AUD3,190

This 7-day journey takes you to the heart of Chilean Patagonia where you will visit the beautiful towns of Puerto Montt, Hornopirén & El Sauce hot springs.

3 NIGHTS From AUD3,240

The award winning Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is immersed in the landscape & showcases the magnificent views of the Torres del Paine National Park.

8 NIGHTS From AUD3,315

Explore Chiles wine region then travel through the Chilean and Argentinean Lake Districts - Chile and Argentina's premier adventure destinations.

6 NIGHTS From AUD3,380

Discover some of Patagonia’s most beautiful features on this 7-day tour, including the Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

13 NIGHTS From AUD4,105

This popular 14-day journey offers you an insight into the sophistication and culture of Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

5 NIGHTS From AUD4,135

Enjoy an active lifestyle? This epic Patagonia adventure lets you hike, cycle, kayak and horse ride through the highlights of magnificent Torres del Paine.

12 NIGHTS From AUD5,390

Travel to South America and set off on an unforgettable adventure through the soaring Andes, meeting friendly locals and discovering the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of this remarkable region. 

14 NIGHTS From AUD5,795

Get off-the-beaten-track and explore the Carretera Austral, Chiles hidden paradise and a region of unspoilt beauty. 

13 NIGHTS From AUD6,105

This contrasting journey to the end of the world combines some of the most exciting locations in Chile and Argentina.

15 NIGHTS From AUD6,725

Experience the mystical glaciers, sparkling lakes, wildlife & breath-taking scenery of both the Chilean & Argentinean Patagonia.

6 NIGHTS From AUD6,980

Visit sublime wineries in Chile and Argentina. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful regions while staying in deluxe properties.

20 NIGHTS From AUD6,561

Looking to explore South America? This 21 day loop covers the best of Argentina, Brazil, Peru and a taste of Chile. Highlights include Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon and more.

12 NIGHTS From AUD8,830

Get your adrenaline pumping in Chile's adventure sports capitals. Explore the Lake District on this 13-day adventurous journey through Chile and Argentina.

9 NIGHTS From AUD8,999

Join us for this exciting 10-day journey to Argentina and Chile to discover some of the highlights of these two spectacular countries.

12 NIGHTS From AUD9,455

Travel through the Chilean Fjords and glaciers then finish up by cruising in Antarctica.

9 NIGHTS From AUD10,270

To deeply explore Uyuni, we created this tailor-made journey. Between Chile & Bolivia. Sleep in remote camps, hike remote routes, get off the beaten track.

12 NIGHTS From AUD10,430

Dive into the rugged & picturesque landscape of Patagonia, South America's most southern region, and explore the stunning wildlife of Chile & Argentina.

26 NIGHTS ON SALE From AUD10,890

Take a premium overland trip Patagonia from Santiago to Ushuaia. Designed for 40-70 year olds, an adventurous itinerary with all the creature comforts.

26 NIGHTS ON SALE From AUD10,890

Take a premium overland trip Patagonia from Ushuaia to Santiago. Designed for 40-70 year olds, an adventurous itinerary with all the creature comforts.

11 NIGHTS From AUD11,181

Sailing from Punta Arenas, you will board Le Boréal for an exceptional journey to the heart of this land at the end of the world.

32 NIGHTS From AUD11,200

Want to travel in South America & fit in as much as possible? Take this 33 day journey around the continent, ticking off all the must-sees on the way.

26 NIGHTS From AUD11,390

On this incredible journey, we will travel from Ushuaia, Argentina, the most southerly city in the world, through the remote expanses of Patagonia. 

23 NIGHTS From AUD11,880

Join us on this unique train adventure and experience the majesty of South America from the comfort of your seat. Pass through charming Andean villages, Cloud forest, and witness first hand the marvel of engineering...

7 NIGHTS From AUD12,500

Antarctica Fly Cruise with a short itinerary. Small ship and maximum experience in a short time frame.

10 NIGHTS From AUD20,300

Fly to Antarctica but go further south to the Antarctic Circle. A comprehensive cruise for those with a short timeframe.

10 NIGHTS From AUD20,300

A short, comfortable flight from Punta Arenas, Chile, to King George Island in Antarctica has you with boots on the ground in no time, overtaken by the sheer magnitude of the 7th Continent. 

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