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When you research the origins of the name, Black Friday, it doesn't swing with a happy undertone. Other than the fact that consumers can take advantage of great deals on this day, the origins of the name range from traffic jams to shoplifting and smog. 

We're not advocates of any of the above apart from the great deals, which we do have the opportunity of sharing from time to time. So we feel its time to rewrite history and turn BLACK to GREEN whilst still saving yourself a tidy packet. 

It's no longer 'hippy' to be green, we simply want you to:

1 Stay at home and shop from the comfort of your own computer or phone with your friendly travel agent. 

2. Purchase your next holiday with socially & environmentally sustainable benefits.

3. Travel somewhere INCREDIBLE.

4. Still receive an amazing discount. 

For every booking during this period Chimu will BUY A BALE for our drought stricken farmers. 

Very soon we will be offering exclusive deals for journeys to the Galapagos, Patagonia, the Amazon, Antarctica and the Arctic

To make sure you don't miss out enter your details below and we'll make sure you are the first to know. 






*All prices on discounted tours are based on twin share and valid only until 06 December 2019. Conditions apply, please contact us. for further information.