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The majority of expedition cruises in Antarctica offer the option to do guided hiking. Antarctica hiking tours are accompanied by an expert, experienced guide and run in small groups. Hiking is a great way to enjoy and immerse yourself into Antarctica, with the opportunity to travel beyond landing sites and trek further into the land. 

Hikers should have a moderate level of fitness or above to hike. Excursions typically last 2-3 hours in duration, but will be judged on general fitness levels of the group. During the hike, guides will provide commentary on the terrain, wildlife, history, and interesting features found in this part of Antarctica. 

The mountainous terrain of the Antarctic Peninsula means hikes aren’t possible at all landing sites, but Deception Island and Orne Harbour are great options for longer hikes. South Georgia also offers incredible walking opportunities, the most famous being the final leg of Shackleton’s historic journey trek from Fortuna Bay to Stromness.

Contact us for more information on which expeditions offer hiking as an optional extra. Please note that many cruises also offer short hiking opportunities at various landing sites, but for much shorter durations. 

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