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Capture the Antarctic wonderland at its most beautiful with guided photography tours that cater to all skill levels. This optional extra is offered on certain ships and includes several workshops, presentations and excursions – please note that this activity may require you to bring your own camera, while other programs might offer loaner gear. 

Photographs are the means of capturing a moment forever, which we can revisit and share with others for many years to come. Don’t let the unforgettable experience end as you leave Antarctica - take home the best memories you can by capturing and developing incredible images with our Antarctica photography workshops. This optional activity is perfect if you are passionate about photography, or just passionate about capturing the beautiful landscape and wildlife you will encounter on your incredible Antarctic adventure.

Is an Antarctic photography program right for you?

Onboard photography workshops are the perfect opportunity for those passionate about photography to develop and expand their skillset. Experienced instructors will give you access to the critical expertise needed to focus and develop your skills in one of the worlds most visually encapsulating settings. For most travellers – whether experienced photographers or amateur shutterbugs – Antarctica serves as the photographic opportunity of a lifetime. 

For those wanting to return home with the shot of a spectacularly glistening iceberg or an image that perfectly encapsulates the curious nature of an Adelie penguin, photography programs are designed to give you the time, knowledge, equipment, and unforgettable moments needed to return home with your perfectly envisioned photograph. By joining in program, you will also have exclusive access to ride in dedicated photography explorer boats – giving you the perfect opportunity to seek the action faster, travel further and discover unique angles and spaces to let you get extra creative.

Contact us to find out more about photography in Antarctica. 

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