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Yoga is an incredibly popular optional activity onboard, Passengers from all over the world and of all levels of experience take part, from people who’ve never tried it before to those who’ve been practicing every day for years. There’s another element o Antarctic expedition classes: restorative yoga. You’ll have a chance to open your body and really get into it before heading out on expedition, but then when afternoon classes are offered, can make sure you’re limber, stretching and relaxing those muscles you might not use as often at home.

Yoga is like the fountain of youth! When you keep your spine limber on expedition, you might find that your posture improves, you sleep better, and you’re more comfortable pushing yourself to new heights as you explore Antarctica. Excitement and adventure are guaranteed on the 7th continent, but we really want you to have relaxing vacations and have time to decompress, too.

If you’ve practiced yoga before, you’re going to notice an incredible difference between doing it on solid ground and practicing on the ship, especially on our at-sea days! Don’t worry, we stay low to the ground to ensure your safety. This gives us a chance to get into some really deep stretches that are great for limbering you up for your day of hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, kayaking or Zodiac cruising.

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