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Ice Camping

Camping in Antarctica

When you’re visiting the Great White South, there are certain experiences that can take your adventure to the next level. Stepping off a Zodiac to go camping on the Antarctic Peninsula is undoubtedly one of them. Fall asleep amid the snow-capped mountains as you watch the colours of the Antarctic twilight bounce off the ocean and surrounding glaciers. The only locals you may be sharing your home with for the night are the Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins who keep a low profile, nesting nearby. This is an experience like no other which allows you to completely connect with the landscape, feeling its power into the early hours.

Is Ice camping for you? 

No previous experience is required for this popular activity, ice camping - a true wilderness experience of Antarctica that everyone can participate in. Forego the comforts of your cabin, connect with nature and enjoy the true silence of Antarctica in this once-ina-lifetime experience. We camp in warm and waterproof bivy bags in Antarctica, so there can be rocks, snow, mud, and frozen surfaces to contend with. But you’ll leave with memories of an overnight adventure you will never forget and bragging rights that you are part of a select few that have camped on the White Continent.

What to expect 

If you have booked the camping excursions, after dinner has concluded, you will board a Zodiac and be guided by the expedition team to the camping site. They will stay with you overnight in case you need assistance with anything. After setting up camp, you’ll spend the night onshore (about 10 hours in total) before waking up to return to your ship for breakfast.

What you’ll need?

Participants need to be prepared for Antarctic conditions and wear appropriate clothing when ice camping. This includes a hat, gloves, extra thick socks, a windproof, waterproof parka and pants. You will generally be supplied with a bivvy bag, insulating mats and the best view ever from the portable toilet!

Booking in advance 

Ice camping is offered on a selection of Antarctic voyages, so we recommend booking ahead to secure your place. Ice camping is generally only available at the start of the season during November to January departures when the snow is soft. Please note that ice camping numbers are limited on each voyage so we recommend booking ahead to secure your place and avoid disappointment!

Minimum age 

The minimum age for participants is generally 16 years, as young children are more susceptible to hypothermia.

Contact us to find out more about which Antarctic voyages offer ice camping. 

Ice camping  Ice camping

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