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Posada Amazonas

4 Days FROM AUD 1,109



Strategically located just two hours from Puerto Maldonada, Posada Amazonas Lodge connects you to the natural and cultural wonders of the Tambopata jungle with opportunities to observe wildlife and to discover ancient indigenous heritage. Posada Amazonas is a 30-bedroom rainforest lodge perfect for your first taste of the Amazon’s natural wonders. Despite being relatively close to Puerto Maldonado, the Posada Amazonas offers ample opportunities to see wildlife such as squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, parrots and macaws. The lodge is also home to a family of giant river otters. This is truly a great place to immerse yourself in all the Peruvian Amazon has to offer. Choose from a range of stays from 2 nights or more. Contact us for details.

The Rainforest Expeditions Experience

Rainforest Expeditions has three properties nestled in the Peruvian Amazon. The extensive list of expeditions offer immersion in nature and local culture exchange aimed at providing a comprehensive experience of the rainforest. By staying at one of these three properties, you can make a meaningful contribution to sustainable efforts in preserving and protecting pristine land, wildlife populations and locals. Guests benefit from knowledgeable guides who provide an in-depth understanding of life in the rainforest of Tambopata. Enjoy an open wall facing the rainforest and awake with the sounds of jungle. Properties include Refugio Amazonas, Posada Amazonas & Tambopata Research Centre

Highlights include:

Canopy Tower - A 30-metre scaffolding canopy tower gives you spectacular views of the vast expanses of standing forest with a good chance of spotting toucans, parrots, macaws or mixed species canopy flocks.
Ñape Ethnobotanical Centre – Visit Centro Ñape, a traditional community clinic, where the shaman or his assistant will take you on a unique tour to explain the uses of various medicinal plants.
Lake - Paddle around Lake Tres Chimbadas on a catamaran, looking for the resident family of giant river otters, and wildlife such as hoatzin, caiman or horned screamers.
Farm Visit - Visit a working jungle farm to learn about local agriculture and life. You will taste exotic tropical fruits including the source of chocolate and little known relatives of the tomato.


• The Posada Amazonas lodge is owned by the local indigenous community of Infierno and is run in partnership with Rainforest Expeditions.

• Local ownership ensures that the community directly benefits from the tourism that takes place in their precious environment. But more importantly, it ensures that they are empowered to shape the kind of tourism they want to see into the future. Since establishing this unique partnership back in 1996, the community has had an integral say through the initial 20-year plan they co-created with Rainforest Expeditions. 

• The lodge is powered by solar. 



Trip Code: PETSPA4

Travel Style: Tailor Made Journey

Location: Peru

Flights: Internal flights included in itinerary. Ask us to help book your flights to/from South America.


  • You will experience the Parrot Clay lick first hand, one of the most striking and colorful experiences in all of the Amazon. 

  • You can easily amend this itinerary to include an Amazon cruise, embarking of the waters of the mystical river to discover even greater wildlife encounters and experiences that you may not find on land. 

  • Located in the Tambopata National Reserve, Posada Amazonas Lodge’s excursions offer immersion in nature as well as a cultural exchange in the Peruvian Amazon aimed at providing a comprehensive experience of the rainforest. Choose from a wide variety of activities and custom your experience to match your needs, wants and capabilities.


On arrival, you will be met by a representative and driven to the Puerto Maldonado headquarters. While enjoying your first taste of the rainforest we will ask you to pack only the necessary gear for the next few days and leave the rest of your belongings at our safe deposit. You will then be driven to the jetty where you will take a 45-minute boat journey to Posada Amazonas. The boat journey is a great introduction to the Amazon and its living and breathing inhabitants. Begin to get lost in the amazing scenery and unique environment as you cruise down the Amazon. On this journey, enjoy your provided boxed lunch. When you arrive, check-in to your unique three-walled bedroom, a feature allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the Amazon. From here, you may choose to climb the staircase of the 30-metre scaffolding canopy tower, revealing exceptional treetop views and a birds-eye of Tambopata river, winding through the dense jungle. Look out for Toucans, parrots and macaws flying overhead. Enjoy dinner at the lodge before listening to a provided lecture focusing around ecotourism and the projects currently in progress (optional).

Note: Please ensure your arrival flight is no later than 13:05

Arrive Puerto Maldonado

Posada Amazonas have a set of activities where you can choose from onsite, allowing you to create your own personalised experience deep in the Amazon. Below are suggested options you may like to choose from through-out your stay.

Early this morning, depart the lodge and enjoy a boat ride and a hike through the Amazon to arrive at Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake. Paddle around the lake in a comfortable catamaran, searching for the resident family of giant otters (seen by 60% of lake visitors) and other lakeside wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin, monkeys, and horned screamers. After your exploration, it is time to head back to the lodge and enjoy some lunch.

After lunch enjoy a twenty-minute boat ride down river to the Native community of Infierno from the Esa Eja tribe. While on this journey, you may be able to see wildlife such as the well-known Capybara, considered as the largest rodent on the planet. When you arrive, you will find a locally run Medicinal Centre; where they heal their people using the local medicine. This is still park of their knowledge inherited by their ancestors, combined with western medicine. Learn about different medicinal (and other) uses of selected plants used for centuries. Arrive back at the lodge and take some time to relax before having some dinner. After dinner you may choose to go on a night walk, enabling you to explore, connect and discover different species active during the night. Creatures lurking at night include insects, frogs and some species of nocturnal mammals such as the Night Monkey. Choose between a one hour or two-hour option.

Exploring the Amazon

Posada Amazonas have a set of activities where you can choose from onsite, allowing you to create your own personalised experience deep in the Amazon. Below are suggested options you may like to choose from through-out your stay.

After breakfast, take a 20-minute walk to the Parrot Clay Lick. From a blind location about twenty meters away, you will be able to see dozens of parrots and parakeets descend on most clear mornings to ingest the clay on the river bank. Species such as Mealy and Yellow-headed Amazon, Blue-Headed Parrot and Dusky headed Parakeet descend at this clay lick. The clay lick is active at dawn, during the late mornings and mid-afternoons.

After lunch at the lodge, leave from the lobby and embark on a two-hour hike by the largest tree in the vicinity, a giant ceiba tree. During the hike you will learn about the location’s natural history and its principle taxonomic groups. During the hike you will pass through two different types of forests (terra firme and flood-plain forest) with great chances to look for some wildlife.
Arriving back at the lodge you will have some well-deserved lunch. After lunch, take a boat ride downriver to visit the local farm. When travelling, the best way to know more about the locals is by their markets. These will be located next to the local farms. You will be able to see and try several tropical fruits and learn about all the variety of crops that the local people grow. Your host will show you the local techniques for farming and get a better understanding of the main economic activities of the region and interact with the locals.
After adventuring for the day, enjoy dinner at the lodge.

Exploring the Amazon

Today, retrace the river journey back to Puerto Maldonado and to the office where you can collect your belongings left at the safety deposit. You will be transferred to the airport for your onward journey.

Please note: Depending on ariline schedules, this may require a dawn departure. We recommend flight LA2074 departing at 13:35
*Schedule of activites are subject to change without notice

Depart Posada Amazonas

This is a suggested itinerary. All Tailor-Made journeys can be customised to suit. Add in additional highlights, spend more time in areas of particular interest to you, or extend your journey to visit other regions of Latin America or Antarctica.



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Pricing & date

Travel Style Departing Duration PRICE FROM
Standard Daily 4 AUD 1,109

Important Information

  • Accommodations
    All meals
    All tours, activity services and guides
    Transfer from and to the airport of Puerto Maldonado
    All river transportation


    International flights
    Airport departure taxes or visa fees
    Excess baggage charges
    Additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations
    Alcoholic beverages or bottled water
    Insurance of any kind
    Phone calls or other items of personal nature.

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available upon request, contact us for more details. 

  • All entrance fees are subject to change without prior notice.

    This is a Tailor-Made itinerary which can be customised to create your own unique journey. Contact us to discuss your travel plans.

  • Season and availability


We believe that appropriate accommodation should add to the authentic travel experience, as well as providing utmost enjoyment. For that reason our accommodation is scrutinised by our staff on the ground frequently, ensuring the properties adhere to our high standards. This key will help you understand the levels of accommodation available on this tour.


Talk to one of our Destination Specialists to plan your South American adventure and turn your dream into a reality. With exceptional knowledge and first hand experience, our consultants will assist in every way possible to make your journey the most memorable it can be, matching not only the itinerary, but the accommodation and activities to suit your style of travel and budget.


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Chimu is passionate and dedicated to sustainability measures and understands the crucial part sustainability plays within the tourism industry.

We use local guides and office staff to both maximise local employment opportunities and minimise carbon footprint. Local guides also ensure you benefit from the intimate knowledge, passion and culture of the country you’re visiting. Our guides are all highly qualified (most with university degrees) or equip with many years of experience and are paid above the standard wage. Whether it be our knowledgeable local guides, locally produced meals or the transport on tour, we do not use imported goods when local products are available. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and give as much back as possible to the communities we work in.

Since 1996, Rainforest Expeditions and the indigenous community of Infierno (part of the Ese Eja Nation) have forged a unique partnership. Rainforest Expeditions supports the marketing and management of the Posada Amazonas lodge, employing many Ese Eja community members, and every year, most of the lodge's profits are shared among the tribe's households. While visiting the many national parks, heritage sites, museums and landmarks our travellers are encouraged to explore remain culturally aware and sensitive. We further encourage you to buy appropriate souvenirs and discourage the buying of anything wrongfully made or taken from the environment i.e. shells and endangered species products. Information on how you can be environmentally conscious, and travel responsibly will be made available in our Travellers Guides and provided during your travels by guides and staff.

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