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Antarctica News

Media Release: Ski Antarctica

Chimu Adventures, Australia’s most diverse Antarctica operator, today launched an exclusive new sail and ski expedition to the icy continent. Taking on virgin summits and skiing untouched slopes, the new tour is set to be the adventure of a lifetime for thrill-seeking and highly skilled skiiers. Chimu’s Chad Carey said guests will see the dazzling landscapes and unique wildlife at …


Media Release: Affordable Antarctica

CHIMU LAUNCHES 10 DAY ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE FOR LESS THAN $6000 July 5, 2016: There’s a reason Antarctica is on every serious traveller’s bucket list – it’s spectacular, dramatic, remote, beautiful, photogenic and teeming with extraordinary wildlife. The adventure of a lifetime. But there’s no getting around the fact that, due to its extreme isolation, a holiday to Antarctica can be …


Boaty McBoatface: The new guy about town?

Here at Chimu we had to laugh about the latest news from the good old UK. In a triumph of democracy we were very pleased to hear that the new Antarctic survey vessel being built was to be named by the public. With over 9000 votes at this stage, and growing – “Boaty McBoatface” is in the lead. Here are …


Adelie Penguins Doing Just Fine, Experts Say – But Thanks for Asking

Having a tough week? Then spare a thought for the Adélie penguins at Cape Denison, in Downtown Antarctica. Imagine…there you are going about your penguin business, waddling here and waddling there, happily tending to your penguiny errands when all of a sudden BAM! An alarmist newspaper article is published in the Sydney Morning Herald claiming that you’re all but practically …


Newsflash: Henry Worsley’s tragic end

British explorer Henry Worsley, aged 55, sadly passed away on the 24th of January in his attempt to become the first man to cross Antarctica solo.


NEWSFLASH – Expedition cruising into the future on-board the MV Eclipse

The Expedition cruising world just got a taste of what lies in the future with the announcement that Australia’s Scenic Tours will be launching a brand new, purpose built expedition ship – the MV Eclipse in 2018. Travel on the Eclipse will be unlike any other expedition trip today, surrounded by 6 star luxury this is Scenic’s first foray into …