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Inspiration and Personal Stories

Antarctica: Ten Years in Ten Days by Sophie Hardcastle

There were a lot of things I expected Antarctica to be… Vast, silent, so cold it hurt. The white continent exceeded these expectations, and surprised me with so much more. When I heard Ken Done (Chimu’s artist-in-residence for 2015) speak at his Pinktarctica exhibition, he said Antarctica changes you. I remember wondering how it would change me, if at all. …


Antarctica: The Ultimate Journey

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Antarctica: The Ultimate Journey is the most comprehensive, unforgettable and breathtaking trip you could ever take to the end of the world. The trip of a lifetime. The adventure of your dreams. An Antarctica expedition that is not, we might add, for the faint of heart. A month-long voyage to the heart of …


Antarctica: where the silence is deafening

Antarctica is the quietest place on earth, yet spend but a mere day here and you’ll realize just how deafening silence can be Silence is the first thing most first-time passengers on an Antarctica cruise notice when they reach the mighty White Continent, yet it usually doesn’t take long for them to realize that what this awe-inspiring place lacks in …


A rare glimpse inside France’s Antarctica Programme

Travelling to Dumont d’Urville Station, France’s main Antarctica research base, is certainly no easy task. Travellers on Chimu’s recent voyage to East Antarctica caught a rare glimpse of the French Antarctic Programme. This was the first time the station had been visited by a cruise ship in over 5 years.


48 Incredible Things You Can Experience in Antarctica

1. Icebergs It might be obvious, but Mother Nature’s fine works of ice sculpted over centuries deserve to kick off this list. These glassy white behemoths standing tall in the midst of rough, choppy waters dominate the landscape in Antarctica, and you’ll be glad they do. It’s easy to forget about your stresses of modern life with the cold, fresh …


Antarctica the Return

 Agnes in our UK office LOVES Antarctica. Her love for this incredible continent took her there, not once, but twice in 2013!