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Carolina Oriani, Product Manager

Carolina Oriani, Product ManagerCarolina Oriani, Product ManagerCarolina Oriani, Product Manager

Born in Uruguay and lucky to have grown up in Australia, I caught the travel bug when my family travelled back to Uruguay for the summer holidays when I was nine years old.  In those days, the journey took up to 5 days as there were no direct flights and you had to travel via Fiji, Tahiti, Easter Island and Santiago de Chile before finally touching down in the mother country.  This trip opened up the possibility of travelling the world and discovering wonderful places to see. 

This wonderful region of the world has so much to offer and is filled with surprises and unique experiences.  My most memorable experience so far was horse riding in Torres del Paine National Park in the middle of winter with snow gently falling around me whilst steering my gentle horse Chaco. It was my first time on a horse as well, so very proud of myself.   Another must do experience is a helicopter ride over the mighty and spectacular Iguacu Falls to see the impressive 275 waterfall from the sky. Discover the ancient tunnels under the streets of Buenos Aires, a hidden gem.  The stunning scenery of the Atacama Desert to spectacular Patagonia.  And of course no journey to South America is complete without going to Machu Picchu.  Still takes my breath away even after visiting this mysterious citadel 3 times now. 

Best part of my job is having the opportunity to continue to discover more special places and experiences and be able to share them with you all. 

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