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Ysabel Baldeon, Destination Specialist

Ysabel Baldeon, Destination Specialist Ysabel Baldeon, Destination Specialist Ysabel Baldeon, Destination Specialist

Born and raised in Peru, I caught the travel bug early when my family took me travelling up the mountains of Cusco for my fifteenth birthday. That changed the game.

After a degree in tourism, I became a group tour leader for many years, travelling all over South America. We got to hike around the Andes mountains, spot wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest, drive in convoys across the Salt Flats of Bolivia, watch porteños tango in Buenos Aires, drink fresh Colombian coffees and cold Caipirinhas sitting in Copacabana, and eat seafood ceviche in Peru. I also spent some time living in Guatemala working with sea turtles and children, working in Cuba and travelling through the volcanoes, towns, beaches and sites of Central America.

I travelled extensively to other continents after that, living in different cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand and New Zealand, but that’s another story. I am happy to call Sydney home for now.

My favourite memory of Latin America is finding a quiet corner right in front of Machu Picchu and just sitting there with the time to take it all in. There are no words to describe the feeling you get from being in the presence of such an amazing place that has gone through so much and remains intact.

My favourite part about working for Chimu Adventures is the passion for traveling that we, both the employees and our clients, have in common. Latin America is all we talk about all day, from North to South Pole, how to get there, when to go there, what to eat when you get there. I am s lucky to keep my life and work so close to all those amazing places Latin America has to offer.

Top picks for 2018: Antarctica, Peru, Cuba


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