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It's HERE! The Great Chimu sale is on now!

You've been thinking about it for a while now, where to go, what to do? You've read the brochures, browsed the reviews now its time to book your TRIP-OF-A-LIFETIME

The Great Chimu sale offers you the best opportunity to realise your dreams at discounted prices.  Imagine saving yourself up to $9000 on your dream trip to Antarctica! 

From the ethereal landscapes at the ends of the earth, to the high planes of the Andes, right down to the lush Amazon Basin, we present some of the most exciting experiences in Antarctica, the Arctic and Latin America, at discounted prices, only during the Great Chimu Sale

So dust off your passport, get your suitcase ready and book your journey before the 29th of February.  

Its time to Live For Today! 

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Up to 35% off UP TO 40% OFF

Spitsbergen Highlights

UP TO 40% OFF FROM £ 3,055
was £ 4,700

Undertake a voyage in the same sea-faring routes like the explorers of old on this incredible voyage...

Save up to 30%


Save up to 30% FROM £ 6,980

- Departing FEB 2020 - Join us in Antarctica with one of Australia’s greats, Kurt Fearnley AO, a...

Up to 15% off


7 NIGHTS FROM £ 2,379


was £ 2,799

From close-up encounters with icebergs and glaciers to the region’s plentiful wildlife, this is a ...

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Up to 30% off


10 NIGHTS FROM £ 5,810

Ocean Diamond

was £ 8,300

Be a true explorer and tour to Antarctica. Cruise landscapes that look like they are from another pl...

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Up to 33% off

Alya | 6 Day Western Islands

5 NIGHTS FROM £ 2,322


was £ 3,465

This 6 Day itinerary is a perfect look at the spectacular islands, giving you an extensive opportuni...

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Up to 10% off


26 NIGHTS FROM £ 7,650

Solo Traveller

was £ 8,500

Take a premium overland trip Patagonia from Ushuaia to Santiago. Designed for 40-70 year olds, an ad...

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Up to 10% off

Southern Explorer El Chalten to Ushuaia

12 NIGHTS FROM £ 3,986

Solo Traveller

was £ 4,429

Explore remote Southern Patagonia on this 13 day adventure and discover some of South Americas fines...

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Up to 10% off

Enchanting South America

21 NIGHTS FROM £ 5,714

Solo Traveller, Wildlife

was £ 6,349

This small group tour visits South America's most incredible destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Peru...

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Up to 10% off

Colours of Peru

13 NIGHTS FROM £ 3,344

was £ 3,715

Join this comprehensive small group tour, to Peru. Encompasses the very best of Lima, The Andes an...

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Up to 10% off

Manatee Amazon Explorer

3 NIGHTS FROM £ 1,157

Manatee Amazon Explorer

was £ 1,286

This 4-day journey takes you into the heart of biodiversity, extending its fabulous prism of life th...

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Up to 20% off

Amazon Cruise aboard The Anakonda

3 NIGHTS FROM £ 1,279

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

was £ 1,599

Enjoy the spectacular highlights of the Amazon on this unforgettable cruise experience through the u...

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Stella Australis: Patagonian Explorer

SAVE UP TO 15% FROM £ 1,195

Enjoy the spectacular fjords and stunning natural beauty of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, as you c...

Up to 15% off

4 Day Alto Atacama

3 NIGHTS FROM £ 1,084

was £ 1,275

The Alto Atacama is the perfect base to spend 4 days exploring the desert, having cultural encounter...

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Up to 10% off

Short W Trek Eco Camp



was £ 979

This short version of the W Trek will take you on trails reaching amazing glaciers, lakes, forests &...

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M/C Galapagos Seaman 8 Day Cruise C

7 NIGHTS FROM £ 3,689

Galapagos Seaman Journey

M/C Galapagos Seaman Journey is a first class catamaran offering superior comfort, size, style, and ...

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Up to 5% off

In the Steps of Pirates & Darwin

7 NIGHTS FROM £ 4,484


was £ 4,720

Set along the equator, some 600 miles off the South American coast of Ecuador is a crown jewel of th...

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Up to 20% off

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords

12 NIGHTS FROM £ 2,799


was £ 3,499

Venture into the magical and mysterious lands along the coast of the Norwegian Sea to the Scottish I...

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Up to 30% off

Sea Spirit - Arctic Wildlife Safari

8 NIGHTS FROM £ 3,287


was £ 4,695

Explore Svalbard on this 10 day journey. Voyage to the High Arctic Wilderness where you can anticipa...

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Up to 30% off

Best Of Svalbard

11 NIGHTS FROM £ 4,547


was £ 6,495

Undertake a true voyage into the high Arctic on board the Sea Spirit....

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Up to 10% off

Antarctic Awakening, 24 Day

23 NIGHTS FROM £ 9,446


was £ 10,495

Embark on a 24 day journey to the spellbinding beauty of the frozen continent...

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Santa Cruz II - Eastern Islands

6 NIGHTS FROM £ 3,855

Santa Cruz II

A Galapagos journey from San Cristóbal Island to Santa Fe, South Plaza, Santa Cruz Island, Español...

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Discover Antarctica

10 NIGHTS FROM £ 4,495

The Ocean Endeavour

Discover the raw beauty of Antarctica on an Ocean Endeavour expedition. ...

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The Great Chimu Sale ends 29 February.  Further terms and conditions may apply to sale items, for more information.