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Beyond the Backyard 

Unique travel experiences for Australians this summer

The frustrated Australian travel community has been stuck on the island now for longer than any time in history. With no promises of open borders this summer, Chimu has compiled a unique travel program, true to their southern roots, to get you beyond the backyard and off the island without ever leaving the Antipodes.

From scenic flights over the most remote parts of our planet without ever having to officially leave your home state - to expedition cruises all the way to the coastline of East Antarctica - where once our most heroic of explorers ventured - we have compiled a group of itineraries that will make you the envy of all your travelling friends this summer.  

So kick boredom to the wind. You don't have to holiday here this year. It's time to go beyond the backyard. 

Browse our unique options below or contact us now and speak to a dedicated specialist about restarting your adventures. 

Read more about where Australians can travel this summer.

South Pole
Scenic Flight

EXCLUSIVE WORLD-FIRST JOURNEY    On this approx. 16-hour return flight, we will celebrate some of Antarctica’s most illustrious history whilst experiencing the sheer vastness of this enigmatic continent, all the way to the South Pole! Hear from modern day explorers as they explain the terrain below.


Flights from Australia

Gaze upon frozen landscapes and ice formations of Antarctica from the comfort of a Qantas Dreamliner, as you learn about the last frontier from our team of Antarctica experts. Whether you chose an East Antarctic scenic journey or an expedition flight over the South Pole, you won't be disappointed!  


New Years Eve
over Antarctica

SPECIAL DEPARTURE   Welcome the New Year at the end of the earth in the midnight sun. Departing in the evening, this unique flight will have you celebrating at dizzying heights over the most unique landscape on our earth. 

The Southern Lights
By Flight

Fly into the night in a Qantas Dreamliner and bear witness to one of the world's most indescribable natural phenomena, the Southern Lights.  Also known as the Aurora Australis, this display presents a dance of the sun's energy in our atmosphere via light and colour, backdropped by the night sky.

Antarctica Cruises
from Australia and New Zealand

Antarctica cruises departing from Australia and New Zealand will return in December 2021. Multiple voyages departing from Hobart, Australia, and Invercargill and Dunedin, New Zealand, are available for the 2021-2022 season. So whilst our borders may be closed we can still visit our remote territory

Australian Antarctic Festival
Aurora Flight

Come join us for this unique experience departing from Melbourne to witness the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) before touching down in Hobart to celebrate the biennial Australian Antarctic Festival.

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