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Treehouse Lodge 4 Days

4 Days FROM USD 1,120


Located deep in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, Treehouse Lodge gives you the opportunity to experience the rainforest from on high, with bungalows perched in the lush green canopy. Only accessible by river, Treehouse Lodge is located on the shores of the beautiful blackwater Yarapa River, a tributary of the Amazon River near Iquitos. Discover the incredible flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest as you head out each day on jungle treks, night safaris and on kayaks and go dolphin watching, bird watching, piranha fishing and caiman spotting.  

Trip Code: PETSTHL4

Location: Peru, Amazon

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  • Experience a truly unique Amazon adventure as you experience the rainforest from above, listening out for the mesmerising and mystifying sounds of the jungle. 

  • Undertake amazing jungle walks which will introduce you to amazing flora and fauna the likes of which you will not see anywhere else in the world. 

  • Experience the unique activity of piranha fishing with the same centuries-old techniques of the native Amazonian peoples.

  • This itinerary is perfect for combining a tour of greater Peru, experiencing the mysteries of Machu Pichhu or the incredible cobblestone streets and vibrancy of Cusco. 


On arrival at Iquitos airport you will be met and transferred to Treehouse Lodge. From Iquitos, the journey to the lodge, first by car, then by boat, takes approximately two and a half hours. The boat ride begins on the Marañón River, crosses the Amazon River, and continues up the Ucayali River before connecting with the Yarapa River. The lodge sits on the Yarapa where it connects with the Cumaceba, with a beautiful view of the black and brown water confluence.

A snack is served on the boat, and on arrival at the lodge you will be welcomed and shown to your bungalow.

Dolphin Watching & Sunset on the Amazon:

Dolphins are considered magical among the native Peruvians. Although dolphins are spotted all year round in the Amazon, there are specific feeding areas that our guides have designated along the Ucayali where visitors can swim and interact with the dolphins.
Setting off from the lodge, we travel by boat along the river for approximately 45 minutes. Here you can jump into the river and experience the joy of swimming with these beautiful and powerful creatures! Navigating along the Ucayali River we will also have the opportunity to observe other types of wildlife such as sloths, monkeys, and iguanas basking in the sun as well as many species of birds that feed on the fruits of trees that grow along the edges of the river.

We return to the lodge for dinner, followed by a night walk.

Jungle Walk (Night):

On the night jungle walk we hope to witness the only nocturnal monkey that can also be spotted during the daytime. These primates make their homes in tree holes and, once located, can be seen sticking their heads out to take a peek. We walk along a trail that runs close to an old tree where these night monkeys can be seen. They have a good sense of hearing, are very curious, and apparently evolved into nocturnal animals in order to avoid competition over food.

Arrival at Treehouse Lodge

After breakfast at the lodge, we set out on the first excursion of the day.

Piranha Fishing: For centuries, the Amazonian people have moved along the rivers in dugout canoes. Even today, this mode of transportation is the best way to explore the creeks: navigating slowly, listening to the sounds of the jungle and observing nature, attempting to imitate the exact way ribereño people see the forest. It is possible to observe many species of birds that feed and nest close to the river shores. Various species of primates such as brown capuchins, squirrel monkeys and saddle-backed tamarins are easy to spot. We may even observe rare and elusive creatures such as the river otters from the dugout canoes. At some point we will stop and fish for piranha using wooden poles with string and meat attached.

We return to the lodge for lunch.

Medicinal Jungle Walk: The rainforest is home to a host of plants used to treat different diseases. There are forest medicines for headaches, stomach aches, broken bones, hernias, and rheumatism – even for diabetes. On this excursion, we will explore the rainforest in search of medicines found in each plant or tree, learning the secrets of the jungle and the relationship between plant and man.

Visit Jungle Village: Due to conflicts and tribal disputes many years ago, a group of Jibaro people moved from their ancestral land located on the Pastaza River to an area closer to the equatorial border. They navigated downstream to the Tahuayo River - a small, blackwater tributary where they created their new community. We take a boat from Treehouse Lodge downstream on the Yarapa River for 30 minutes to reach Jaldar community. From this village, we walk 40 minutes on a jungle trail to the Jerusalem Jibaro community on the Tahuayo River. Here we learn the art of fishing Jibaro style and explore the Tahuayo River in dugout canoes in search of Amazonian animals such as monkeys, macaws, toucans and sloths. We also learn how the dugout canoes are made, how masato (a jungle beer made out of manioc) is prepared, and how the blow darts, bows and arrows used for fishing and hunting are made. We also see original handcrafts made by girls in the community. These handcrafts are available to purchase. Before leaving, we have a picnic lunch at the chief’s house to thank him for his hospitality.

After dinner back at the lodge, we head out on a night safari.

Night Safari: On our night excursion, we travel along the river, looking for wildlife with flashlights. The chances of spotting wildlife are good. We generally see beautifully coloured frogs resting on floating plants on the edges of the creeks, fishing bats that detect their prey using sophisticated sonar and then catch it using their talons, potoos, owls and caimans (located through their red eyes). Other nocturnal animals include kinkajous that feed on fruits and berries and opossums that feed on birds.

Piranha Fishing, Jungle Walk, Village Visit

Breakfast is served at the lodge.

Bird Watching: The best way to witness wildlife is by waking up early to the sound of hundreds of birds and monkeys. The suspension bridges around the lodge bring you closer to the surrounding wildlife. You may see many species of tanagers, toucans, parrots, parakeets, antbirds, antwrens, woodpeckers and monkeys that come to feed on the fruit and insects found on the trees. There are species of birds that never venture close to the ground because the fruit they eat is found on the tree tops. Being high in the canopy, it’s easy to see the beauty of these species. In only one early morning, you may observe as many as 50 species of birds, 20 of which are uncommon. The variety of wildlife in this type of igapo forest is outstanding.

Kayaking on the Amazon: Kayaking along the river enables us to explore the rivers and creeks without the noise of a boat engine, an ideal situation for observing wildlife. We might see beautiful birds, monkeys and river otters.

After lunch our programme of activities continues.

Jungle Walk to Oxbow Lagoon: This afternoon we take a fascinating jungle walk to an isolated lagoon that was part of the river many years ago. The Oxbow Lagoon hosts many species of aquatic plants such as the giant water lilies that can grow to 6 ft. in diameter with flowers the size of cabbages. We might also see the hoatzin, a bird that feeds exclusively on poisonous plants. Another species of bird found on this jungle walk is the horned screamer that is related to the geese family and that feeds on water lettuce and water hyacinth. We may also see the wattled jacana, a bird that can walk on water.

We return to the lodge for dinner.

Bird Watching, Kayaking, Jungle Walk

This morning sees us visiting the Butterfly Farm after breakfast.

Butterfly Farm: Peru hosts close to 4,000 species of butterfly, more than any other place in the world. Many of the species are endemic, found only in Peru. The community of Vista Alegre, together with a Peruvian NGO, took measures to reproduce and protect some species of butterfly by creating a butterfly farm where farm villagers learn about the entire process of metamorphosis of these beautiful creatures. As many butterflies are born every day on the farm, you will have the opportunity to release them into nature, contributing to the repopulation of butterfly species and helping to maintain the environmental equilibrium.

After lunch, we depart Treehouse Lodge, transferring back to Iquitos airport in time for your onward flight.

Butterfly Farm & Departure

This is a suggested itinerary. All Tailor-Made journeys can be customised to suit. Add in additional highlights, spend more time in areas of particular interest to you, or extend your journey to visit other regions of Latin America or Antarctica.



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Pricing & date

Travel Style Departing Duration PRICE FROM
Standard Daily 4 USD 1,120

Important Information

  • Round trip transportation via land and river to and from lodge
    All meals daily 
    Bottled water and juice
    All excursions mentioned in itinerary 
    Bilingual speaking guide


    Personal expenses
    Drinks other than bottled water and juice
    Hotel stay in Iquitos (if required) 

  • Available upon request, contact us for more details. 

  • All entrance fees are subject to change without prior notice.

    This is a Tailor-Made itinerary which can be customised to create your own unique journey. Contact us to discuss your travel plans.

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