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Fly into the night in search of one of the world's most indescribable natural phenomena. The Southern Lights, also known as the Aurora Australis!

Join Chimu Adventures and a team of expert astronomers on board a private Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner as you head over the Southern Ocean toward Antarctica.

We will leave mid-evening and head south taking you far away from the light pollution and high above the clouds and weather systems to chase the Aurora Australis in the Southern Aurora Zone. Departing from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane you will see constellations, stars and planets as you have never witnessed them before. Passengers will enjoy Qantas inflight service in both business and economy classes. Expert astronomers will provide information on route about how an Aurora is formed, as well as pointing out their favourite night sky objects.

This light show is as much about shapes as it is about lights. To the naked eye the Aurora Australis appears as bleached, majestic, ghostly curtains, propelling themselves across the globe from the far horizons.  Point your camera to this phenomenon and, due to the camera's sensitivity to pick up more colour, immediately it will display the greens and, even, pinks and reds of the chemical explosions between the sun’s particles and earth’s atoms, either way, the vision is extraordinary and unforgettable.

Our astrophotographers onboard will offer commentary on how to photograph an aurora, as well as capturing a collection of images for your personal use, allowing you more time to stare at the phenomenon and less time worrying about your lens.

With different booking classes and a seat swapping structure in place to share the best view of this amazing natural display from the large Dreamliner windows, there is an option for everyone.

When we gaze upon the dancing lights of an aurora, we are witnessing billions of individual collisions lighting up the magnetic lines of our planet.  


For more information regarding the flights please see our detailed Flight Brochure  

Peruse our selection of photos below to get a feel for what the naked eye might see, as well as the incredible colours our cameras are capable of picking up.


Ship Region:Southern Lights by Flight

ITINERARIES ABOARD THE Southern Lights by Flight

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