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Training Central America

Most Australians traveling to South or Central America visit more than one country on their holiday, crossing borders to get a true taste for the diversity this continent has to offer. Central America is one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations and a tour can offer the perfect blend of culture, history, nature and tradition.


Where to start? 
There are numerous gateways in Central America, the most common for Australians being Panama City, San Jose and Mexico City. From there, it will depend on what your style of travel is as to where you want to go. 


How to get there?  
Generally, the easiest and quickest way for Australians to get to Central America is via LA on QANTAS, Virgin Australia, United Airlines or Delta. QANTAS also fly direct to Dallas, from where there are a multitude of flight options into regional Central American cities. One of Central America’s largest airport hubs is Panama City, which can be reached from either LA or Dallas. From Panama City it’s possible to travel to almost any destination across Central America.
What’s it like? 
While Mexico is often described as Central America’s hub of history and culture, some of its neighbours also offer an impressive array of archaeological sites. Guatemala, for instance, impresses with its colour, vibrancy, volcanoes and a multitude of historic sites.  
Cuba is one of Central America’s most iconic destinations with its vintage cars, colonial settlements, traditional haciendas and postcard perfect stretches of white sand and turquoise waters.
To see some of the world’s most renowned beaches, we recommend a Belize tour where you can snorkel the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Barrier reef. Mexico’s Cancun and Tulum as well as Cuba and its surrounding islands, are perfect places for beach hopping.
For the nature and wildlife enthusiast, Costa Rica & Panama as well as Honduras & Nicaragua are popular choices and can show you the road less travelled and introduce you to forested mountains, giant lakes, picturesque Caribbean islands and some of Central America’s unique wildlife species.
For food lovers, a gastronomic experience awaits with Central America boasting some of the world’s most delicious cuisines.


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