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Training and sales resources

Here at Chimu we are dedicated to providing you with ongoing training and support to get you inside the destinations we specialize in. Below you can find a huge range of resources so you can read, watch and learn your way to becoming a Latin America and Antarctica expert. Your Relationship Manager is always available to assist you and your team with more personalised training. Please contact them today!



Helping you sell Antarctica - helping you consult

Learn more about Antarctica to help you consult. Including information on when to go, choosing the right ship and itinerary, and how to get there. 


Our Chimu blogs cover just about everything there is to know about South America, the Polar regions, travel news and inspiration.


Join our experts to watch On-Demand webinars to assist you with consulting on a range of destinations and travel styles.


Promote our amazing destinations through your various marketing channels with our huge range of inpiring videos. All include 'Contact your Travel Agent' call to action.

Download or
Order Brochures

Download our Latin America and Polar Cruise brochures for more information on our amazing range of itineraries.

Travellers Guides

Click here to download our Chimu Handbook with all things Latin and Polar travel as well as our Chimu Restaurant Guide.



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