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An Antarctica cruise is the ultimate journey. Filled with awe-inspiring wildlife encounters and sensory experiences of indescribable beauty. To see Antarctica is to experience your place in the world from a whole new perspective.

Breathtaking, otherworldly, and life-changing are common phrases travellers use to describe an Antarctic expedition. But when it comes to Antarctica, language fails us. We simply do not possess the capacity to articulate the profound experience of setting foot on the Great Southern Continent. To truly understand, you must see it for yourself.

We have incredible deals available across a wide range of small-ship expedition cruises for the 23/24 season, search for your ideal trip in the search filter above or contact us and we'll find it for you. 


Once you’ve decided to go to Antarctica, the next step is to determine which trip is best suited to you.

The key considerations are:


As genuine Antarctica specialists, we have the largest range of Antarctica expeditions on offer, and Chimu staff have first-hand knowledge of the many ways to experience this incredible destination. Depending on your interests, availability, and budget, we can help you decide which itinerary is right for you.

To help get you started, we have listed the 4 main itineraries that operate in Antarctica:

From South AmericaMap 1
From Australia/NZMap 2


Antartica peninsula cruise


(10 - 12 days)

Due to its proximity to South America, the Antarctic Peninsula is the best value and most popular Antarctic destination. The peninsula is renowned for its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife.View Cruises

Antartica Cruise


(14 - 22 days) 

Cross the fabled Antarctic Circle to the land of the midnight sun. Home to desolate, beautiful landscapes, continually shifting ice, and hardy Weddell seals.View Cruises

South Georgia Expedition


(18 - 23 days) 

One of the world’s truly great wildlife areas. South Georgia is home to over 30 million breeding birds, thousands of seals, 4 penguin species including large colonies of King penguins and macaroni penguins rarely encountered elsewhere, plus many more amazing creatures. South Georgia is a must-see for many wildlife enthusiasts.View Cruises

Falkland Islands Tour


(18 - 23 days) 

Often visited alongside South Georgia, the Falklands Islands offers up plenty of natural beauty, wildlife, and intriguing history.View Cruises

Antarctica Fly + Cruise


(5-9 days) 

For the time poor, or those not keen on a crossing of the famous Drake Passage, yet still keen to visit the last frontier of Antarctica. Flying to King George Island to begin your journey to the Antarctic Peninsula is a fantastic option.View Cruises

East Antarctica Cruise from Australia crossing the Ross Sea


(30+ days) 

Perhaps the ultimate Antarctica experience. Voyages to East Antarctica & Ross Sea embrace an icy world of extreme weather, wildlife, scenery and fascinating history as you visit some of the most remote places on earth.View Cruises



  • We have access to the widest range of vessels in Antarctica. 

  • We have our own operations in Antarctica so we really understand what it takes to make a successful journey.

  • We have been in operation since 2004 and have travelled and inspected almost every ship in Antarctica. We will have the very best advice to suit your travel style.  


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13 Days

All Inclusive Flight Package Best of Antarctica: Pristine Wilderness

Buenos Aires, Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands

Ship:  Ocean Endeavour

START: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane, Australia

FINISH: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane, Australia

  • 10/11/2023

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Antarctica CRUISES

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21 Days

Shackleton's Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Explorer

Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands, South Georgia

SHIP: Ocean Endeavour

START: Ushuaia, Argentina

FINISH: Ushuaia, Argentina

  • 20/11/2023

  • 08/01/2024

View Map
14 Days

Journey to the Antarctic Circle

Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Circle

SHIP: Ocean Endeavour

START: Ushuaia, Argentina

FINISH: Ushuaia, Argentina

  • 05/02/2024

  • 26/02/2024
  • 04/02/2025
  • 25/02/2025

View Map
17 Days

The Great Adventure

Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia & South Orkney…

SHIP: L'Austral

START: Buenos Aires, Argentina

FINISH: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 09/11/2024

View Map
14 Days

Best of Antarctica: In Depth

Antarctic Sound, Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula and…

SHIP: Ocean Endeavour

START: Ushuaia, Argentina

FINISH: Ushuaia, Argentina

  • 27/12/2023

  • 06/12/2024

View Map
19 Days

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands

Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands

SHIP: Ocean Albatros

START: Ushuaia, Argentina

FINISH: Ushuaia, Argentina

  • 23/12/2023

  • 29/02/2024
  • 19/11/2024

View Map
11 Days

Best of Antarctica

Antarctic Peninsula

SHIP: Ocean Endeavour

START: Ushuaia, Argentina

FINISH: Ushuaia, Argentina

  • 02/11/2023

  • 11/11/2023
  • 09/12/2023
  • 18/12/2023
  • 27/01/2024
  • 17/02/2024
  • 09/03/2024
  • 18/11/2024
  • 27/11/2024
  • 18/12/2024
  • 27/12/2024
  • 26/01/2025

Antarctica REVIEWS

All Chimu Adventures' clients are given the opportunity to review their trip once they return home. These reviews are administered by a third party and as such are unfiltered by Chimu Adventures.



There is no currency in Antarctica but the unit of currency in Argentina is the Argentinian Peso. The main currency at the Port Lockroy Post Office is the US $ although the UK £ and Euro € are also accepted. On all Antarctic cruises meals are included but drinks and souvenirs need to be purchased separately. Most cruise ships accept Euros € and US $. Major credit cards, in particular Visa and MasterCard are also widely accepted on board. If your Antarctic cruise includes the Falkland Islands, the currency of the islands is the Falkland Islands Pound (FK £), although UK £’s are accepted as well.



It is true that at times the Drake Passage can produce turbulent seas, but our vessels are built for maximum stability and comfort to ensure that even in rough conditions, sea and motion sickness are kept to a minimum at all times. We also have a host of services and facilities available should symptoms befall you. It also might be possible to fly over the Drake Passage, so speak to one of our destination specialists for more information about this.



Antarctica is an extreme environment and although Antarctic cruises depart during the spring and summer months, the weather can change dramatically, with no warning and so you need to be prepared for conditions in this harsh region. When packing, avoid weighing yourself down with too many clothes or too much gear. Select informal, practical attire for your trip that can be worn in layers, including: • Parka jacket - lightweight, wind and weather-resistant shell • Warm trousers - ski pants or sturdy trousers • Waterproof trousers - Gore-Tex or similar waterproof and "breathable" fabrics are recommended • Long thermal underwear - silk or polypropylene is highly recommended • Sweaters - wool sweaters or a polar fleece jacket • Turtlenecks • Mittens and gloves - thin polypropylene gloves underneath warm mittens • Woollen cap and a scarf or balaclava • Warm socks - sturdy, long wool socks and thin pairs of silk, polypropylene or cotton/wool socks • A sturdy, lightweight and waterproof daypack for landings or Zodiac excursions • Sunglasses with U.V. filter • Protective sunscreen for lips, hands and face • Swimsuit for hotels, aboard some ships and (maybe) for a polar plunge • Camera with spare batteries and memory cards • Extra pair of prescription glasses • Prescription medicines and other remedies such as seasickness medication • Binoculars • Zip lock plastic bags or dry sacks for carrying camera, batteries, etc. • T-shirts or other casual warm weather clothes • Clothes for gateway cities



We pride ourselves on our customisable range of Antarctica tours that allow you to tailor the perfect Antarctic experience for your own goals and wishes. We also offer a wide range of tours to suit a diverse array of budgets, from 6 day express cruises, to 35 day expeditions. Speak to one of our consultants who can help you plan your perfect Antarctica cruise, which includes all of the elements you’re looking for in your trip.



Whilst some of our Antarctic cruise ships boast a gym, sauna and small pools, this is rare and generally the majority have a lecture theatre, library, bar and restaurant, as well as the main deck. All ships offer a series of lectures focusing on the geology, history and wildlife of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, to help you prepare for what lies ahead. You can interact with the crew and expedition team as well as your fellow passengers in the common areas and either brave the elements to stand on deck taking in the spectacular scenery and wildlife-watching, scanning the horizon for whales, seals and seabirds, or do so from the comfort of the lounges and observation decks.



The remoteness of Antarctica can sometimes deter the adventurous heart, but unlike the famous explorers of the past, you can leave the ration packs at home as Chimu can provide all the modern comfort and luxuries you need after a day of adventure, in a safe and comfortable environment. Quiet, relaxing cabins, beautiful food and wine, and spacious common areas allow you to soak in the picturesque landscapes at your own pace. When it’s time to venture off the vessel, our range of itineraries include activities to suit all abilities and fitness levels.



Shore landings are a feature of our Antarctic cruises and one or two shore or Zodiac excursions are usually planned per day, weather conditions permitting.



Shore landings are mainly for wildlife watching of penguins, seals and nesting birds although itineraries often try to include a visit to a scientific base. Certain cruises provide opportunities for activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, mountaineering and even overnight camping.



Yes, a laundry service at a reasonable cost is included on every ship.



The number of people on board varies depending on the ship but the majority of our ships carry between 50 and 150 passengers. A few of the purpose-built cruise ships carry around 250 passengers.



Food on board our cruise ships is excellent. Breakfasts and lunches tend to be buffet style, with dinners generally served to your table and featuring 3 and sometimes 4 courses. The range of food is diverse with professional chefs preparing a wide selection of gourmet dishes.



Chimu Adventures are the Antarctica specialists and an Associate Member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. We offer the largest range of vessels, an experienced, expert team of travel enthusiasts, and comprehensive, flexible itineraries, tailoring each cruise to your wishes and making your Antarctic Cruise unique and unforgettable.



There is no native Antarctic language as there are no indigenous inhabitants. The majority of residents are linked to research stations and so speak the language of their home countries. Scientific research is generally formalised in English, with French where necessary.



All of our tours are 100% tried and tested to ensure that when you travel with us, you’re doing so in a controlled and safe environment with trained experts. We consistently monitor weather conditions and will always provide you with the best possible adventure without risk of injury to you or the vessel. While some activities may need to be rescheduled or cancelled due to weather, every effort is made to have a contingency plan should such conditions become a reality during your expeditions. We’ve been the experts in Antarctic travel for well over 10 years and use our vast experience and knowledge when picking the vessels we sell to provide you with an adventure that’s unforgettable for all the right reasons.