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Chimu Adventures has teamed up with Qantas to offer Qantas Frequent Flyer (‘QFF’) members the ability to earn Qantas Points when booking eligible Chimu Adventure trips.

  2. 1. QFF members are able to earn Qantas Points when they book an eligible Chimu Adventure trip.
  3. 2. If you are not already a QFF member, you can join by visiting the Qantas website
  5. 3. Earning points on eligible trips:
    1. 3.1 Customers will earn 1 Qantas Point per AU$1 spent.
    2. 3.2 Qantas Points are earned on bookings made in Australian Dollars.
    3. 3.3 Points are earned on trips with a minimum trip price of AU$3,000 .
    4. 3.4 Qantas Points will not be earned on:
      1. 3.4.1 Trips booked with staff, companion, friends and family discounts;
      2. 3.4.2 Travel industry member discounts;
      3. 3.4.3 Press and partnership trips; and
      4. 3.4.4 Trips booked as part of a prize .
    5. 3.5 Trip price does not include additional costs for internal or external flights.
    6. 3.6 Customers cannot earn points on any other flight arrangements booked with Chimu.
  6. 4. If the trip is cancelled or a discount is applied and the value of the trip is less than AU$3,000, then the trip will no longer qualify to earn Qantas Points.
  7. 5. Qantas Points will only be earned on transactions that occur when adding your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number on an eligible purchase.
  8. 6. You will only earn Qantas Points with Chimu Adventures if you’ve entered a valid QFF number and surname before the trip departure date.
  9. 7. Qantas Points will be credited to the QFF account within 30 days of trip departure.
  10. 8. Standard  Chimu Adventures Booking Terms and Conditions apply.
  11. 9. Chimu Adventures reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  12. 10. Qantas points offer is not applicable in conjunction with any other discount or offer. 



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