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Antarctica & Arctic Early Bird Deals - Save up to 30%

Be the early bird that gets the worm the best cruise deal ever. Find out how & why below.

Booking an Antarctic or Arctic cruise a good few months before the departure date makes a world of difference to your price and experience. Not only are there plenty of available cabins to choose from, you also get first dibs on the optional activities like kayaking when you're booking early. Booking an Antarctica or Arctic Cruise early on makes the rest of your trip planning easier as well, there's ample availability for flights, plus you'll have saved so much on your cruise that adding a South America or Arctic extension will be the cherry on top. 
Save thousands and choose from a range of spectacular itineraries to places including the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands in Antarctica and wildlife-rich Spitsbergen, Norwegian Fjords in the Arctic. Not sure which itinerary or ship is best for you? At Chimu, we are Polar travel experts!

Tell us your dream Antarctica or Arctic cruise and let our Destination Specialists work around you and tailor your cruise to suit your travel style. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are just a call or email away!

*Subject to availability at the time of booking. Valid on new bookings book by 31 May 2018. Further conditions apply, contact us for more information.

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