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Where will you tick off next?

We can all be creatures of habit, particularly with our holiday choices. When it comes to travelling, however, there are just a few too many places out there to keep visiting the same destinations. 
You have felt the heat of a European summer, traversed the temples of Thailand and basked on Bali’s beaches. But have you ever cruised amid glittering icebergs in Antarctica, the seventh continent? Have you been held up in a traffic jam by a giant tortoise on the track in the Galapagos Islands or spent hours under an Arctic sun scouting for polar bears? Has the chill of Patagonia’s icy winds got into your bones and has the spirit of Rio seeped into your soul? 
Chimu can make these experiences happen. Make 2019 the year you break those travel habits by adding Latin America and the Polar regions to your bucket list. Click on the links below to explore our top destinations on The Great Chimu Bucketlist!




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