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Beyond Canada’s continental north you will find the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, with over 36,000 islands, most lying deep within the Arctic Circle. A cruise in this remote region takes you through incredible wilderness scenery of fjords, glaciers, mountains and pack ice. It is in this region that one can follow in the wake of the legendary explorers Amundsen, Baffin and Franklin who searched for the Northwest Passage, a fabled trade route across the Arctic from Europe to the Far East. The two ships under Franklin’s command disappeared mysteriously before Amundsen made the first successful navigation of the route on his 1903-6 Gjoa expedition. A cruise for dramatic glaciated landscapes, stunning wildlife, history and culture.



Most popular: Baffin Island – a heaven for Arctic wildlife, including walrus, seals, polar bears and huge colonies of seabirds. Also very popular is the Northwest Passage, following the paths of the legendary early Arctic explorers.





Wildlife: polar bears, musk oxen, caribou, seals and whales (including beluga, narwhal and bowhead) , Arctic foxes, hares, wolves, seabirds





When to go: August - September, ca. 10 °C 





How to get there: Australian travelers typically fly via Ontario or Edminton and then board a charter flight to the ships departure location







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