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Iceland, the land of Ice and Fire. Nowhere else in the world will one find such stunning and diverse landscape. The most sparsely populated country in Europe near the top of the globe, Iceland is a travel destination in the making, hitting headlined and topping bucket lists. The landscape is shaped by volcanic and geological activity, creating gushing geysers and multicolored lakes while glaciers make their way through the rugged mountains. With latitudes between 63 and 68 degree North, Iceland is also one of the best places in the world to see the famous Northern Lights. The country's culture is founded upon Scandinavian heritage, most Icelanders descend from Norse or Gaelic settlers. Iceland is a great destination for nature lovers with unique and dramatic landscapes.

Most popular: Geysers, Glaciers (especially Vatnajoekull in the South-East of the island), Waterfalls



When to go: June - August for the Midnightsun, September - October for Northern Lights



How to get there: Australian travelers typically fly via central Europe or visit Iceland as part of a cruise to Spitsbergen or Greenland (both great wildlife destinations)






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