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What to see, Where and When?




With Chimu we travel to 5 distinct Arctic regions - The Canadian, Russian, Norwegian Arctic, Greenland and Iceland. Each of these regions has its very own character with different landscapes, different wildlife and hence, different experiences. 



We understand that clients often have a certain experience in mind. While some want to chase the Northern Lights, others want to come face to face with Polar Bears or reach the North Pole. To match your client with the right experience, we have created an overview of what to see, when, and where.



Spitsbergen:    June - August




To see: Midnight Sun, Lots of Polar Bears, Reindeer, Seals, Whales, Walrus, Northern Lights




Iceland:           May - September




To see: Midnight Sun, Glaciers, Fjords, Whales, Volcanoes, Geisiers, Northern Lights




Greenland:      May - August




To see: Viking History, Inuit Culture, Northern Lights, Musk Ox, Glaciers, Fjords




Canada:          August - September




To see: Walrus, Seals, Polar Bears, Whales, Fjords, Mountainous Shores




Russia:            June - August




To see: Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Walrus, Cukchi Culture, Endless White Ice Fields




North Pole:     July - August




To see: Icebergs, Large Masses of Ice, Northern Lights









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