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Ben Goschnick

With over 12 years’ experience working in the travel industry, I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout the world, travelling to six of the seven continents of the world. To date, no other continent has taught or excited me as much as Latin America. I have returned many times and I still crave to explore more. My highlights include hiking the Inca trail to Machu Pichu, the scenery of Patagonia, burning across the salt flats of Uyuni in a 4x4, sailing around the Galapagos and San Blas Islands of Panama, eating delicious steaks in Buenos Aires, and learning about the fascinating history of Inca and Mayan cultures. If I had to pick a favourite country, Colombia would be it!

I love that I get to work in an industry where colleagues share my passion of helping people to explore new and exciting places and experiences. I have worked as an agent for many years, wholesale, product and I have found my dream job – working with agencies to help them sell more of the lesser known areas of the world, in particular, Latin America and the polar regions. I’m yet to step foot on the Antarctic continent but my desire for visiting one of the least explored continents of the world fills me with passion to learn more and excite people enough to visit it. Antarctica is my next destination!

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