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Training Galapagos

Full of renowned natural wonders and distinctive wildlife, this spectacular archipelago of islands is a must for every traveller’s bucket list. Set against the backdrops of spectacular landscapes that range from volcanic peaks to ancient lava fields, from lava tubes and lagoons to coral reef-lined bays and from mangrove forests to white and red sandy beaches, the Galapagos Islands are undoubtedly one of nature’s most impressive wonders that is best to be explored by cruise. 




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When to go?

Each month brings unique climate variations to the Galapagos and with it varying wildlife viewing opportunities. Peak season for a Galapagos tour is typically December through to May/June when the seas are the calmest and the weather the warmest. June, July and August are also very popular as the wildlife tends to be more active. For divers the peak season is from July to November when whale sharks can be found at Wolf and Darwin Islands.
  • Giant tortoise eggs hatch between December and April 
  • Green sea turtles arrive at beaches in January to start laying their eggs, these hatching in April and May
  • Between March and May, waved albatrosses, blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds can be seen performing courtship and mating displays 
  • April and May are when the land and marina iguana eggs are hatching
  • June sees the giant tortoises migrating from the highlands to the lowlands to nest
  • Humpback whales can often be spotted from June to September
  • July and August are when the flightless cormorants and greater flamingos perform beautiful courtship rituals 
  • In August the giant tortoises return to the highlands and the migrant shore birds start to arrive 
  • September is when the sea lions are active with shore fighting common 
  • October and November see the blue-footed boobies raising their chicks, sea lions pupping and fur seals breeding
  • In December the green sea turtles are displaying mating behaviour and waved albatrosses start to fledge



How to get there?
Generally, the easiest way for Australians to get to Galapagos is with LATAM or QANTAS via Santiago. Other slightly longer options include Air New Zealand via Buenos Aires, or a multitude of options via Los Angeles.




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