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Solar Eclipse Flight above Antarctica

0 Days FROM AUD 1,999



On December 4th 2021, join us on a unique celestial experience and witness the total solar eclipse over Antarctica. This exclusive scenic flight from Australia will fly into the path of totality of the solar eclipse, providing lucky passengers with unparalleled viewing of this incredible phenomenon, far above cloud cover, from the comfort of a Dreamliner 787.

The 2021 total solar eclipse will occur in one of the world’s most inaccessible yet beautiful locations – Antarctica. A total solar eclipse in Antarctica is a rare event (happens approximately every 18 years) and may prove to be the most magnificent total solar eclipse ever seen. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience something few people will ever witness in their lifetime.

As we fly into totality, cruising at 40,000 feet above the pure white of Antarctica, the earth will be thrown into darkness, the solar corona will glow around the edges of our moon's shadow, and a garland of silky light from the sun will decorate the lunar edges as the shift of sun and moon in the universe occurs.

During the event we'll have the privilege of being entertained and wowed by the science behind the phenomenon outside our window, as eclipse and Antarctica experts share their specialist knowledge, all presented by our entertaining emcee, Adam Spencer. 

Travellers who book dedicated eclipse seats will have unobstructed views of the eclipse, whilst the other side of the aircraft will view the shadow crossing the pure white below and the sky dramatically changing colour. 

A dual purpose flight, the first leg of this flight will spend time at low altitudes sight seeing over Antarctica for travellers who have purchased an Antarctica sightseeing seat, before a seat swap when the Eclipse travellers take the window seats and the plane will climb to position for the best light and shadow show on earth! 

For travellers who want to enjoy the entire sightseeing experience over Antarctica and witness the eclipse or the shadow, the option to purchase a row of seats is possible, thus avoiding the seat swap. Contact us for row pricing. 

For more information on the Antarctica scenic section click here

Special Guests onboard

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer - Flight Emcee

Broadcaster, mathematician, comedian and all round geek, Adam Spencer would probably be known to you as the voice of breakfast radio at both Triple J and ABC Sydney over a celebrated 15 year career. At the heart of it all, Adam loves conversations and is the perfect host for an event like this. Expect Adam to ask our experts everything you want to know about what we will be experiencing on the trip - as well as a few silly questions to keep them on their toes! 


Geoff Simms

Geoff Sims - Lead Astronomer

Geoff is an astronomer at heart, and has been photographing the night sky for over 20 years. A veteran of nine total solar eclipses, he is also a former tour guide at the historic Sydney Observatory and holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales. His academic research specialised in astronomy from Antarctica, and culminated in an expedition to the high, dry and freezing Antarctic plateau, where he travelled via the South Pole to the coldest place on Earth, Ridge A, to service a robotic telescope.
He currently works for Australian tech giant Atlassian, focussing on improving software through the use of artificial intelligence.



Xavier M. Jubier - Eclipse Flight Expert

Xavier, a French engineer by training, has spent the past 30 years traveling to the remote ends of the globe to notably witness solar eclipses and astronomy events. In November 2003 he observed a unique midnight Sun Total Solar Eclipse, a first in mankind, from the icecap in Antarctica and has led multiple eclipse flights during the previous decade using private jets and even supersonic fighter jets. To support his endeavours, he has created state-of-the-art tools and interactive maps available to both amateurs and professionals. Solar Eclipse Maestro, his app dedicated to solar eclipses, is being used to plan and execute our current Antarctic eclipse flight.



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Pricing & date

Departing Ending Duration Price
04 Dec 2021 04 Dec 2021 1 AUD 5,849
Cabin Type Price
Eclipse Viewing Seats | Premium Business AUD 12,995
Eclipse Viewing Seats | Business AUD 11,499
Eclipse Viewing Seats | Premium Economy AUD 7,499
Eclipse Viewing Seats | Economy (No Wing) AUD 5,849
04 Dec 2021 04 Dec 2021 1 AUD 1,999
Cabin Type Price
Eclipse Shadow Zone | Economy Wing AUD 1,999
Eclipse Shadow Zone | Economy No Wing AUD 2,899
Eclipse Shadow Zone | Premium Economy AUD 4,099
Eclipse Shadow Zone | Business AUD 6,199
Eclipse Shadow Zone | Premium Business AUD 7,495


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