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South Pole Scenic Flight

1 Days FROM AUD 1,695



•    First-ever tourist day flight over the South Pole from another continent.
•    First tourist flight to follow the routes of famous Antarctic explorers, Scott and Amundsen.
•    Fly over the Transantarctic mountain range.
•    Witness the absolute vastness of the white continent.
•    Fly all the way to the south pole and tick it off your bucket list.
•    Gaze upon remote landscapes few humans have ever seen.
•    Hear firsthand stories from modern-day, world record-holding explorers, as they travel with us. 


This is the ultimate 'bucket-lister's' journey! Not possible from anywhere else in the world. 

Our South Pole flight is the first and only commercial scenic flight to the South Pole directly from Australia, making it a unique opportunity for Antarctica enthusiasts and bucket-listers alike.

Set to take place over 16 spectacular hours, lucky travellers will find themselves flying to earth’s end to gaze upon the South Pole from the comfort of a Qantas Boeing Dreamliner 787. 

Celebrating some of Antarctica’s most illustrious history, this scenic flight plans to take travellers across the largest body of floating ice on the planet; the Ross Ice Shelf, then over the Beardmore Glacier and the Transantarctic Mountains, all the way to the South Pole, as it retraces the out-route of Robert Falcon Scott during his race to the South Pole. 

The international research station, manned year-round at the South Pole, will be witnessed from the air before the flight makes its way back across the vast Polar Plateau, to the Axel Heiburg Glacier and, again, across the Ross Ice Shelf to the Bay of Whales, all along Amundsen’s successful route home, where he was crowned the victor in the race to the South Pole. 

On board will be modern day explorers Geoff Wilson and Daniel Bull who will share their personal stories of exploration and describe the intricacies and natural hostilities of the incredible terrain you will see below you.  Alongside these world record holders, will be a team of Antarctica and history experts to share with you the details of the history of the Heroic Age of Exploration as well as the geographic wonders of Antarctica. 

Whilst exact views will be determined by conditions on the day, the prospect of many incredible highlights are bountiful. Every traveller will have the privilege of a magical trip that few can claim to have done; to say that you are one of the few individuals in human history to have visited the South Pole, had the chance to appreciate the enormity of Antarctica and to truly appreciate heroic feats of Scott and Amundsen’s journeys, is something incredibly unique. 

For those lucky enough to secure a place on this historic flight, you will return with a head full of incredible stories and memories of unbelievable vistas, all from the comfort of a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. 

Why do this flight? 
Whilst the route of this flight is a bucket-lister and Antarctica buff's dream-come-true, the excitement and entertainment inside the cabin, as we trace the routes of formidable explorers will be palpable. Never has anyone covered this route in a day, nor has it been done with modern day explorers, who have their very own tales of hardship upon the great white continent to share. With travel for Australians being so limited lately,  until now, an adventure like this could only be dreamed of. 

For interstate travellers interested in this trip, Chimu offer payment protections in the case of a local lockdown. 

Who else do you know can claim to have been to the South Pole? 



Geoff Wilson

Geoff Wilson

Geoff is a very busy man, splitting his time between family, practising as a veterinary surgeon, and solo expeditions in the world’s extreme polar regions. He is an Antarctic expert in every sense of the word, and his list of achievements is impressive. More >


Daniel Bull

Daniel Bull

Daniel Bull is a record-breaking extreme adventurer and explorer. Nicknamed 'Unstoppabull' by his sisters, Daniel has an unrelenting desire to push limits and test the boundaries of what is possible. More >


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Travel Style: Scenic Flight Tour


Pricing & date

Departing Ending Duration Price
27 Nov 2022 27 Nov 2022 1 AUD 1,695
Cabin Type Price
Business Premium AUD 9,895
Premium Economy AUD 5,585
Economy (No Wing) AUD 3,975
Economy (Wing) AUD 2,695
Economy Limited View LIMITED AVAILABILITYAUD 1,695


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