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The Travel Revolution has started! Are you joining us?

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In August Chimu challenged the mindset of the industry. In Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we presented an educational afternoon offering insights and tools for you on how to change your conversations with travellers, grow your business and change the world. We started the #TRAVELREVOLUTION!

This is your one-stop-shop for all things Travel Revolution. On this page you will find:


  • Your Travel Revolution Library of Reading - key takeaways, reading and checklists to help you change the conversation


    • How to connect with other Travel Revolutioners and keep the conversation going
    • The #ASKYOURREP initiative - start your Travel Revolution with one simple question

    The message was simple: 'Travel is powerful and everyone in the industry can do their bit to influence travellers to make informed and sustainable choices about the way they travel and the people and places they visit.'



    Our incredible guest speakers talked on topics such as selling niche product, giving back, understanding your customer, making your business future ready, finding your purpose and empowering yourself and your clients to make more sustainable and ethical travel decisions. 



    Sustainable travel should no longer be a unique selling point, it should be standard. And now its over to us to carry this message to our clients, change the conversation, challenge the industry and take the Travel Revolution to our travellers! This page will be regularly updated with reading, Marketing material and resources to assist you in Joining the Travel Revolution!



    Travel Revolution Marketing Pack

    Download our Travel Revolution Marketing Pack. 


    Library of Reading from the Travel Revolution Roadshow

    Library of Reading includes key messages from our Revolution Roadshow and checklists for you to use to change the conversation AND challenge the industry including our #ASKYOURREP movement (see below). Some topics included:

      • Find your niche and own it
      • Get to know your customers and introducing the Desire Consumer
      • Lead with Values
      • Ways to future proof your business
      • Finding your purpose
      • The power of the Travel Agent, the foot soldiers of the travel industry


    Connect with other Travel Revolutioners. Ask questions and share ideas!


    It may seem overwhelming - where do I start?


    No matter what sector of the travel industry you are speaking about #ASKYOURREP what sustainable practices their company has in place. Drive the conversation. The company may or may not have one. If they do, you will soon be educated, if they don’t they will take your message back to the decision makers.

    #ASKYOURREP isn't an opportunity to name and shame. Its an opportunity to draw attention to what is important in the travel industry, to drive change and find suppliers who are already doing positive things. Please  head to our Travel Revolution Facebook Group and share your good findings with the rest of our Revolutioners so we can support these trail blazers!


    If you have more time, we have many more questions available for you and the reasons these are important in the Travel Revolution Library of Reading folder

    It ain't easy being green!

    And no-one says we are perfect, we have a still long way to go and no company will ever be 100% perfect. But small steps can be taken today as we all work toward a more sustainable industry. You can also find out more information about what Chimu do in this space and what we have planned for the future in our Chimu Sustainability Policy in the Travel Revolution Library fo Reading.


Travel Revolution
Facebook Group


The Travel Revolution Facebook Group is designed for travel industry to share ideas and ask questions with the objective of changing the conversation.


Travel Revolution
In the News

Stay up-to-date

Read arcticles relating to the Travel Revolution and #traveltochangetheworld and learn more about the Travel Revolution as it evolves!


Travel Revolution
Marketing Pack

Change the convo

Download your social media Marketing pack to change the conversation on ethical and sustainable options for your clients.


Revolution Roadshow
Image Gallery

Syd, Mel & Bne

Were you there? Spot yourself and your colleagues in the image libraries from our Revolution Roadshow Events that took place in August in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


Travel Revolution
Library of Reading

Educate yourself!

Key take away messages from our Revolution Roadshow, checklists to help you Change the Conversation